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LC Goat Thoughts: Our Favorite Goat Food

Cold enough for ya this week? You can always warm up at The Goat in New Albany, Dublin, and Gahanna with some of our delicious wings, burgers, or pizza. It’s really the best perk of having your very own neighborhood gathering spot. After reviewing the menu, I have a few thoughts on some of the items...

First, we don’t serve actual buffalo wings. Not sure if you realize, but buffalos don’t even have wings. Our wings are HUGE bone-in or boneless chicken wings that can be tossed in 9 different sauces. My favorite sauce, Goat’s Breath, of course. It’s actually infused with my breath!

Ok, ok only joking on that last one. Next up is another favorite, the Goat Cheese Pizza. I’m not so sure about this, I mean, goat cheese on a pizza? What will they think of next? A goat cheese burger? Oh wait... they already did. Our menu is full of delicious items that will keep you full and warm you up this winter, not to mention we have daily specials on several items. Stop by The Goat soon!

Check out the specials at Lcgoat.com
Order online from New Albany and Dublin here