LC Gahanna Reviews

I like it

Submitted by Kori - 17th June 2021 | Recommended: Yes


Perfect friendly community

Submitted by Chelsea - 13th June 2021 | Recommended: Yes

It is really like a little community. Neighbors are nice and everyone is really helpful. The rental office has exceptional customer service and always helps get stuff corrected if needed. Maintenance issues are fixed in a timely manner. The pool and gym are great. We have lived here for a year and have no complaints.

A Comfortable Community

Submitted by Britne - 2nd June 2021 | Recommended: Yes

I would tell them that living here has been a great experience to add to my book. I really enjoyed living here with my roommate. The community was welcoming and inviting. The whole place is clean and respectable. The amenities were everything i needed and more. The support and communication from the leasing staff is excellent and never left me confused or lost about the community. Overall, my living experience here at LC was the best and I wish I was not leaving because I could see myself being here for a long time. You get what you pay for here at LC.

Exceeded Expectations

Submitted by Kara - 1st June 2021 | Recommended: Yes

I’ve lived here for a year and a half and am only moving due to location. I can’t say enough good things about the complex itself, staff, neighbors, everything. I would be staying here for many years to come if I didn’t need to be closer to a different part of the city

1 month Review

Submitted by Tracey - 21st May 2021 | Recommended: Yes

I like the location, maintenance is prompt at address issues, property staff are nice. Since we live so close to the sand volleyball, we hear them all night long which can be annoying. Parking is limited due to the proximity of our apartment to the leasing office so it would be helpful if they would paint the corner curb RED indicating no parking as it makes it difficult to get in or out of our garage. Overall for the 1st month here it's been okay. Waiting to see what the summer brings in respect to noise and parking concerns.

Nice place to live

Submitted by Ronald - 20th May 2021 | Recommended: Yes

Very nice and clean. People are friendly

Pretty good place to live

Submitted by Adrianne - 14th May 2021 | Recommended: Yes

Overall, for the price you pay and location these apartments are great. Pros free parking easy to have guests over , mostly friendly respectful neighbors, dog pet friendly, nice landscaping, the maintenance staff is exceptional and timely, lots of options to choose from Cons people often take parking spots in front of your apartment, there have been multiple domestic violence issues with neighbors in the few years we’ve lived here, constant yard work happening in the warmer months difficult if you work from home , many people do not clean up their dog’s poop, landscaping is not as well maintained if you don’t live on preserve crossing, walls are very thin and not very well insulated

So far so good

Submitted by Anthony - 4th May 2021 | Recommended: Yes

It’s nice

Nice Apartment

Submitted by Allison - 3rd May 2021 | Recommended: No

Less expensive than other apartments in the area. Maintenance people are nice and fill work orders quickly.

Great place to live

Submitted by Ellie - 2nd May 2021 | Recommended: Yes

It is an extremely convenient location and a feels very safe. Great for people looking for a place to live and be able to walk or bike around their complex.


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