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Submitted by Kristin - 2nd May 2021 | Recommended: No

My biggest complaint is the noise level. If you like hearing everything your neighbor is doing from opening and closing their front door, doing laundry, showering, waking up to their alarm, watching TV, or talking then this is the place for you. If it's not loud enough, you'll hear the old hvac systems buzzing throughout the night. It took me three months to adjust. Also, don't expect light fixtures in the living room or bedroom even if you pay close to 1000 month. You will need to buy and install your own. Overall, the property is beautiful and upkept except for the area around my apartment in particular. The cement curb is in pieces that are just laying around and several times dog poop hasn't been picked up by my front door. I don't really see these issues in other areas of the grounds. The upside is the space of the apartment and everything is upkept and clean upon move in. The trash service is a definite plus because it allows to leave your trash at your front door. I also enjoy using the LC access app. It's user friendly and submitted a payment or work order has never been easier. I also appreciate the accessibility of the staff and longer office hours throughout the week.

Just Okay.

Submitted by Connor - 29th April 2021 | Recommended: Yes

It isn't bad comparatively, especially since my cost of rent did not go up but with the rent costs going up I'd say this isn't worth the new asking prices. I'm not dissatisfied by any means, but I'm not fully happy either. My upstairs neighbors are obnoxious night owls with no regard for others. Our recycling is missed at least every other week which is absurd since we pay for that service. This place needs more traffic control, stop signs, etc. The amount of times people have blown through a 4-way and almost hit me is disturbing. Lastly, my vehicle was vandalized on July 4th, 2020 while I was away with family. I made note of it with the office and absolutely nothing was done about it, so either security surveillance should improve or actual action is taken when mishaps are reported. I'm sure it's worse in other places in Columbus but I still expect more for premium pricing. The only saving grace is the maintenance guys, truly wonderful people to interact with. They handle all issues with swiftness, they chat and hold genuine conversations, great guys.

LC Gahanna Review

Submitted by Abigail - 29th April 2021 | Recommended: Yes

My husband and I love living here No problems so far, but we are a little disappointed that we aren't able to bring any guests to the pool. Also, given that so many dogs live in this complex, we do wish that there was a fenced-in dog park on the property and that the grass was not treated with harmful herbicide chemicals, to be more kind to our furry friends

Nice place

Submitted by Seth - 26th April 2021 | Recommended: Yes

It’s a nice place I’ve been blamed for noise when I wasn’t here that’s about the only problem I’ve had nice place though

It’s good

Submitted by Yasward - 26th April 2021 | Recommended: Yes

It’s very fun going to the pool on a hot day while having drinks with friends and family


Submitted by Candace - 26th April 2021 | Recommended: Yes

It’s nice, quiet and friendly.

This property is cheap

Submitted by Taejon - 21st April 2021 | Recommended: No

When I walked in to this place in October is was fragile and Fallin apart. The trash service never picked up all the trash. A lot times later in the day there’s no parking spot available. Overall a quiet neighborhood but the apartment itself is over valued. Doors are weak, walls were scuffed when I first walked in there with my girlfriend. Great neighborhood, but you can find better for cheaper. I lived in better for cheaper

nice well built,excellent office staff

Submitted by Walter - 16th April 2021 | Recommended: Yes

nice and peaceful well maintained, great staff

I enjoy living at the LC Gahanna Great experience

Submitted by Maurice - 2nd April 2021 | Recommended: Yes

Great community, nice apartments, and great location

Great neighborhood

Submitted by Treniece - 1st April 2021 | Recommended: Yes

It’s great, very spacious for everyone’s needs.


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