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I love it here.

Submitted by Ellen - 20th May 2022 | Recommended: Yes

Compared to my last apartment this place is amazing. I love the kitchen and size if the bedrooms and the maintenance staff has been extremely helpful

Package receive

Submitted by Tatsuya - 13th April 2022 | Recommended: Yes

The Luxer system is really good for me. Essentially it is difficult to pick up until 6pm on week day. So it is helpful for me.

LC Response:
Tatsuya, Thank you so much for taking the time to share about your experience here at LC Hilliard. We are so thrilled to provide you with 24/7 package retrieval and glad you are loving it too! Thank you for calling LC Hilliard home. We are so happy to have you! - LC Hilliard Management

Robert Kryszan’s review

Submitted by Robert - 11th April 2022 | Recommended: Yes

Amazing neighborhood with amenities that are easily accessible like grocery stores to bars.

LC Response:
Robert, Thank you so much for sharing! We are glad you are loving LC Hilliard so far! We are so happy to have you! - LC Hilliard

LC Hilliard

Submitted by W. - 11th April 2022 | Recommended: Yes

Great apartment living and great city location.

LC Response:
W. & Tracy Spaine, Thank you so much for taking the time to share about your experience! We are so happy to have you here at LC Hilliard! Please let us know if there is anything more we can do. -LC Hilliard

Quiet and cute

Submitted by Laura - 10th January 2022 | Recommended: Yes

This property is quiet and cute. Definitely a nice area to walk your dog in. Maintenance is slow to respond to requests but the staff in the office is very friendly.

LC Response:
Laura, Thank you for taking the time to share about your experience here at LC Hilliard! We have brought on some new maintenance team members and expect our response time to improve as the year progresses. Thank you for your patience. We are so happy to have you here! - LC Hilliard Management

Great Place to Live

Submitted by Michael - 9th January 2022 | Recommended: Yes

Great staff great grounds, new trash system is annoying, but the rest is good enough to make it easy to over look.

LC Response:
Michael, Thank you for your kind words! We are happy to hear that you are enjoying your time here at LC Hilliard! -LC Hilliard Management

LC Hilliard review

Submitted by Kelsey - 6th January 2022 | Recommended: Yes

Maintenance staff personnel are extremely friendly and helpful once onsite, however, it appears there is not enough staff available to fulfill requests timely. I have had simple requests outstanding for weeks at a time. Additionally, the new trash service is difficult for those of us who work late and leave for work early. I am never home early enough to get trash out in time for pickup. When I go to the dumpster, there is so much trash I can’t even get up the ramp to the bin. The previous system was preferable.

LC Response:
Hi Kelsey! Thank you for the kind words and the feedback you have provided. We certainly acknowledge the delayed response times for service requests due to the staffing shortage. We definitely want to thank you for your patience as we are working diligently to add to the team in 2022. In regards to the new trash system, always feel free to place your bin out between 6pm and 8pm Sunday through Thursday for doorstep pick up. We have taken your feedback seriously and will monitor the compactor daily to ensure we can keep the walkways free and clear of waste. Thank you again. - LC Hilliard Management

Nice apartment but not luxury

Submitted by Andrew - 5th December 2021 | Recommended: No

When we lived here 5 years ago we never had any issues. Everything was new and clean. In the past five years things have definitely taken a turn for the worse. The new trash service is a joke if you have a family. They leave half your trash if you have more than one bag. Why do we pay 20 month to continue to go back to the compactor The old system was 100 better. This is the reason I wrote this review and cannot wait for our new home to be done so we can get out of here. Additionally, it is obvious that LC has chosen the cheapest of everything as our dryer, dishwasher and toilet have all needed repaired. After going through a much tougher process than getting a mortgage for a home I would expect the people living here to not let their dogs poop over every square foot of lawn but that is what we have. Finally, the office has closed multiple times at a moments notice right after a package arrives. Very frustrating. I would not recommend someone looking for luxury at the LC.

LC Response:
Hi Andrew, Thank you kindly for taking time out of your day to share your feedback with us! We appreciate your feedback about our recent valet waste service. While these decisions are made at an executive level, we cannot guarantee an outcome but absolutely want to pass along your feedback. I also want to share with you I have lived at many apartment communities, not with LC, where $15-$20 is charged without any valet services offered at all. What we offer for what we charge is very competitive with the market. In light of this, I do understand this was a huge adjustment for residents and staff alike. I want to further clarify that this decision was made due to negative feedback regarding previous service. The $20 you pay covers 5 bags weekly picked up for you right at your door step, recycling twice per week, compactor and bulk area access. Appliances unfortunately do break down sometimes no matter what community you live in, but I appreciate this feedback as well. I do want to ensure that you do not currently need any appliances looked at? I will be happy to place a work order for this. Regarding dog waste, this is the first that I am personally hearing from you regarding this but I definitely want to help you! We often find we have the best resolution if we send a letter directly to who is doing this, anonymous without mentioning your name of course. Do you know who is doing this or letting it happen? In the meantime, I will place a work order for the pet waste that is currently there to be picked up as soon as possible. Finally, regarding package retrieval, we are working on a 24 hour package room for your convenience and we are very excited to hopefully roll this out soon! This is feedback we have gotten from many residents and we are excited to turn the feedback into action. If you have any other feedback or anything you would like to speak to me directly about, I am happy to help anytime! My name is Emily and I work Monday-Friday 10am-6pm here in the office. Congratulations also on the purchase of your soon to be home! Sincerely, Emily Moore, Assistant Community Manager

This trash predicament is ridiculous

Submitted by Benjamin - 1st December 2021 | Recommended: No

Forcing residents to use a significantly smaller trash bin, imposing fines for not taking it in after a two hour window, AND forcing residents to purchase their own bags receptacles for recycle, is ridiculous compared to how waste disposal was managed previously. While I understand that residents living in flats have a more difficult time dealing with waste than those living in townhouses as I understand it, this new system was implemented to address the flats' trash problem , I'm fairly certain more residents live in townhouses than flats. Making a decision to appease the minority while simultaneously creating an environment where trash gets left out in front of all buildings all hours of the day because lets face it, even with fines people are going to leave it out there or forget it .... is a bad decision. I like living here, but I feel like a blended system could have been negotiated for both the flat and townhouse residents so that the flats could use the current system and the townhouses could keep the old system. Because as of right now, I have to keep bags of recycle and trash in my garage, waiting to toss them in the bin which can't fit more than 1 bag at a time for the two hour window for disposal, which sometimes they don't even retrieve by 8 00, meaning I have to stay up and wait for the bin to be emptied, lest I tempt the wrath of the groundskeepers by having it outside my house past the acceptable window of time, thus paying a fine to get my trash can back. TL DR This is ridiculous.

LC Response:
Benjamin, Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience here at LC Hilliard. We are happy to hear that you like calling LC Hilliard home. In regards to the trash service, this is a new service for all residents and the staff alike. Your patience during this transition is very much appreciated as we all learn the new system. The new system provides doorstep pick up 5 days a week and along with doorstep recycling throughout the week as well. To help with any overflow and bulk disposal, we always offer our onsite compactor if the need presents itself. We are currently looking into providing recycling bags so stay tuned! Your feedback is important to us. If you would like to discuss matters further, always feel free to reach out to us at Thank you again! Kindly, LC Hilliard Management

Complex loos dirty with the new trash service

Submitted by Arief - 30th November 2021 | Recommended: No

Need to bring back the old trash service The current trash service makes the complex looks dirty due to all the trash bags are in the front door from certain time The old trash service is way better especially for tenants that have a garage For tenants that have a garage there are no reason that we cant use the 95Gal bin that we had previously It was so much easier for townhome with garage tenants to have the 95Gal trash bin

LC Response:
Hello Arief, Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We apologize if the new trash system has caused any frustration as that is never our intention. This transition was based off of a large number of concerns voiced by members of the community with the previous trash system. Should you like to reach out to us directly, we are happy to discuss this matter further and do our best to help ease this transition for you. We can be reached at or 614.654.5700. We look forward to hearing from you soon. - LC Hilliard Management


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