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Overpriced, Staff Mistakes, and Dog Poop Everywhere

Submitted by Justin - 22nd August 2018 | Recommended: No

The unit is definitely overpriced for this residential area and square footage. Parking is usually scarce after 6 PM, especially around the units near the office Goat. There is no enforcement of dog owners picking up their pets' waste. A courtesy officer should definitely be considered and implemented. The office staff has made numerous mistakes which have caused us inconvenience and perhaps overcharged us with false balances. Our smoke detectors were faulty when we moved in... who is supposed to check these A dog park should be installed. Really, all it would require is a fenced-in area somewhere near the back of the complex.


Submitted by Shannon - 22nd August 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Great atmosphere... like a tiny town

Safe and beautiful neighborhood.

Submitted by Vennila - 20th August 2018 | Recommended: Yes

LC Middletown is a beautiful neighborhood to live in. I feel very safe living here. The staff of LC Middletown are very good in attending to issues related to maintenance immediately. However, the construction quality could have been a little better. I could hear all that happens in the neighboring apartment, like the toilet flush, shower, washing machine sound... The fixtures are also of not so good quality. Just serves the purpose. For an apartment of that size, the storage size is too small. Pest control inside the apartment and cob web in the stairways are yet another problem.

Very nice, quiet ,well maintained and super friendly staff

Submitted by Candy - 13th August 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Very nice property, nice amenities and very friendly staff. My only complaint is that the Townhouse units are not very well insulated and on the first floor during the colder months it is freezing I would have also liked more storage space i.e. closets.

The quality of the interior construction is not consistent with the pricing.

Submitted by Breanna - 13th August 2018 | Recommended: No

Expect no heating on the first floor of the residence during the winter. The air circulation is poor on the 3rd floor and expect the temperature to very warm during the summer.

Nice Community,

Submitted by Adam - 3rd August 2018 | Recommended: Yes

I enjoy my place and the overall community but have cringed at dealing with a divided front office. Have Lacked consistency, urgency, and professionalism. Was very upset with the handling of renewal offer that was changed by the time of signing. Hopefully with the new management in place it improves. Constant turnover in front desk associates creates a lack of consistency. Amenities are great. Kirstin the health and wellness manager is great. The trash pick up is inconsistent.

Great place.

Submitted by Maria - 3rd August 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Love this place.

Parking is a problem. Dog owners not picking up after pet

Submitted by Sofia - 2nd August 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Parking is a big problem. Especially if you get home after 9 pm. I have driving around at night trying to find parking and had to park far away from my building. This is not fair. Some people have garages and still use the parking lots. There is just not enough parking. It should be two spots for each unit with a two bedroom. It would be nice to have assigned parking. This would fix the problem. Dog owners are not putting there digs on leaches and do.not pick up after themself. I know this is out of your control, but email reminders or notices would be maybe helpful. Overall I am loving living here. Staff is super nice. Just fix the parking situation PLEASE

The property is nice but too expensive

Submitted by Eric - 1st August 2018 | Recommended: No

not much parking, can hear everything the neighbors do. I'm sure it was a really pleasant experience during Phase 1. But the complex grew but the amenities didn't grow too so everything is pretty much too small and the neighborhood is over saturated. Pool is too small now, you have to get there before 10am on the weekend if you want a chair, gym is too small now, parking is a disaster. Definitely not worth what we are paying.

Love the apartment community

Submitted by Lauren - 30th July 2018 | Recommended: Yes



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