LC Middletown Reviews

Love the area and property. So happy I made the choice to move here.

Submitted by Chris - 26th December 2018 | Recommended: Yes

That it’s like a small town all by itself. Like something out of Germany.

LC is the place to live at

Submitted by Ken - 10th December 2018 | Recommended: Yes

That is a great place to live at Great area Staff is super nice and helpful You feel safe living there. Only thing that sucks is parking. Sometimes you can park in front of your building, sometimes you cant.

LC Response:
Hey Ken, Happy to hear you're settling in fine into the community, and glad you've had a positive experience with us. We do have a large community, so with that in mind, it can be difficult to get a particular spot in front of a building. However, we do have parking lots either behind, or to the side of most if not all buildings so we can make certain all our residents can have access to parking. This parking is addition to our street-side parking throughout our community. Thank your feedback! We really appreciate it!

Great property.

Submitted by Taylor - 9th December 2018 | Recommended: Yes

I love it here. The staff, especially the manager, Valentina makes me actually feel like a person, and not just a tenant. They work really well with you in times of need. My only complaint I have is the amount of dog waste in the grassy areas, and the waste bins fill up quite fast, so maybe have them emptied more often. Everyone is very friendly and you cant beat this space

LC Response:
Hey Taylor, I am happy to hear you've had an overall great experience at LC Middletown. I also appreciate the feedback you've given. We have out techs empty the waste bins weekly, while we are on the hunt for a full time groundskeeper. Again, thank you so much for your feedback, and we love having you at LC!

I Expect More

Submitted by Ryan - 6th December 2018 | Recommended: No

Expect staff to listen to my request more and upkeep units better

LC Response:
Hey Ryan, I'm sorry to hear that you haven't had a pleasant experience. I would invite you to come in or contact the office so you can give us more feedback. At the end of the day, it is feedback like yours that helps us improve our community for all residents.

I love the property alot

Submitted by Casteldera - 1st December 2018 | Recommended: Yes

It's a great place to live and enjoy life without even having to leave the property.

LC Response:
Hey Casteldera! We're are so happy that you enjoy living here and thank you so much for the feedback, we really appreciate it!


Submitted by SIDNEY - 28th November 2018 | Recommended: Yes

I would tell them that everyone is very friendly and helpful.

LC Response:
Hey Sidney! I am so happy to hear that you have had positive experiences with our staff. We work to always provide the best customer service, and work to improve on feedback from our residents and prospects.

Maintenance Request goes unnoticed

Submitted by David - 2nd November 2018 | Recommended: No

Puzzling at various times.

LC Response:
Hey David, We always appreciate any and all feedback we can get, in order to improve the property and the experiences of our residents. If you'd like, you can contact our office, or come in and speak with us and we will listen to your concerns, and work to find a solution that works for everyone.

Run Away

Submitted by Tabetha - 31st October 2018 | Recommended: No

Once you get locked into a lease, you are no longer a concern for the office management. Requests for maintenance take days to complete. Any requests sent to the office manager will flat out be ignored. Don’t believe them when they tell you the lofts above The Goat are quiet. They will tell you no one has had issues from the noise but people have moved in on their word that it’s quiet and months later had to be moved out because of the noise. I would avoid this place at all costs if you are looking for a place to enjoy living. The manager on the property is extremely unprofessional, disorganized and snide.

Amazing community Parking is only issue.

Submitted by David - 21st October 2018 | Recommended: Yes

This community is truly amazing Unfortunately, the only issue that we have is the parking. Since we moved in, we noticed some vehicles in the parking lot on our side of one of the buildings that have not seem to have moved tires almost flat, expired tags, cracked windshields, etc. I asked the front desk if there is any sort of parking policy, and unfortunately there is not one. I also asked if the responsibility falls on the management or the courtesy officer. I emailed the front desk about the vehicles in question, and they said they forwarded it to the courtesy officer. After about a week, the vehicles had orange stickers on their windshields saying they had 3 days to move or they would be towed. After a while two of them did move, but one still has a sticker on it from almost a month ago. Quite a few tenants also have guests over and they take up parking spaces from the people who live here, so depending on what time you get home from work especially late at night you may be stuck leaving your car in a lot nowhere near your building, and walking home in the cold, rain, and dark. Ultimately, this is an amazing place to live, but there at least needs to be some kind of better parking enforcement.

The dog poop is bad in some places

Submitted by Evala - 11th October 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Outside of the dog poop issue, I really enjoy it. It is quiet and everyone I have met has been very friendly.


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