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Submitted by Nathan - 24th April 2023 | Recommended: Yes


LC Response:
Hi Nathan! Thank you so much for an outstanding review! We appreciate you choosing to live with us and we are so happy that you enjoy it here!

Good place to live

Submitted by Cory - 20th January 2023 | Recommended: Yes

Lived here twice and it's been good both times. Parking is the only complaint. It can be hard to find a spot sometimes. Otherwise, all the staff is fantastic, property is clean, gym is fantastic, and the apartments are good quality. This property is worth considering if you're looking.

LC Response:
Hey Christian! Thank you for the awesome review! We are happy you came back to LC! Let us know if you ever need anything in the office. -LC Management

LC Murfreesboro

Submitted by Cassandra - 5th December 2022 | Recommended: Yes

This is a great place to live. The townhomes are spacious and everyone around is very friendly. I love all the events they hold to make it really feel like a community.

LC Response:
Hey Cassandra! Thank you for the review! We are so happy to hear that you are loving your stay here and our events! Let us know if you ever need anything. - LC Management

Rude staff

Submitted by Jane - 27th October 2022 | Recommended: Yes

It seems that if you at a person of color, e.i me being one of the few that leave in my building, I am constantly singled out for minor inconveniences, that other tenants, seem to get no warnings for. Example there was a tenant that left there trash in the hallway for close to two weeks but I was accused of subletting my apartment on the same floor. By the new community manager.

LC Murfreesboro

Submitted by Maretta - 27th October 2022 | Recommended: Yes

I love living here the property is beautiful the people are friendly and the office staff is very helpful and understanding to what someone is going through and it's good to know you have a staff like that

LC Response:
Hi Maretta! Than you so much for your kind words! We really appreciate them! Our residents make us so happy. We are proud to provide a positive living experience at all times! We would love if you could leave this review on Google as well. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need anything at all. Thank you so much.

For Your Consideration

Submitted by Jane - 13th September 2022 | Recommended: Yes

It would be easier, safer, and ultimately a less headache, if clubhouse residents were given key fobs, instead of using the app, which can be glitchy at times not concerning, if your phone is broken or out of service. For safety above I believe clubhouse residents should have key fobs even if there is an cost included

LC Response:
Hey Jane! Thank you for your feedback! We will look into this to see what we can do for our clubhouse residents to improve this. We hope you continue to enjoy living here!- LC Management

personal review

Submitted by Koji - 16th August 2022 | Recommended: Yes

overall quality is good. monthly fee is bit expensive than I expected.

LC Response:
Hey Koji! Thank you for the review! If you ever have any questions on your account please contact the office for help. -LC Management

Living at L c

Submitted by Doug - 16th August 2022 | Recommended: Yes

We are satisfied with our living environment and plan to stay for an extended period of time.

LC Response:
Hey Doug! Thank you for the review! We are thrilled to hear that you are happy living here! Please let us know if you ever need anything in the leasing office. - LC Management

Love living here

Submitted by Alyson - 16th August 2022 | Recommended: Yes

I do love living here, my apartment is so nice and they are really quick with maintenance. However i’ve realized residents do not pick up their dog poop and it seems to be everywhere while walking, but that isn’t the apartments fault.

LC Response:
Hey Alyson, Thank you so much for your feedback! We are happy to hear you are loving your stay here so far. We will touch base with our groundskeeper regarding this matter to see about making more rounds around the property. Let us know if you ever need anything! - Raven Chumney, ACM

It was better, once.

Submitted by Marcus - 16th August 2022 | Recommended: No

When we moved in, the office staff were extremely helpful, seemingly very kind, and it felt like they looked out for us. Since that time, it seems to have had a strong decrease in quality. I wish our home could continue being the amazing place it used to be.

LC Response:
Hey Marcus! We are sorry to hear about your experience here with us. We would like to do anything we can to help and resolve this! Me and Caitlin are more than happy to set up a meeting with you to discuss this. We are here Monday through Friday till 6pm. Let us know! - Raven Chumney, ACM


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