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Submitted by Jacob - 11th June 2021 | Recommended: Yes

It feels like home. Everything is so well taken care of and it feels like a luxurious place to live.

LC Response:
Thank you for this wonderful feedback! Please keep us posted if there is anything further we can do to continue your wonderful experience here onsite! - Lizzy Nelson, Assistant Community Manager

Great staff, very helpful, place is clean and well looked after, safe BUT noise level is bad, really bad

Submitted by Steven - 9th June 2021 | Recommended: No

THE BAD Appartments not soundproofed at all, so If you like to listen to your neighbours walk above you like an elephent all day mine must be 500lb take restroom breaks, shower, bang cupboards, plus at weekends music and yelling in the hallways probably because they air B B some apartments out so people don't care the smell of pot through the vents, dogs barking and interrupted sleep, then this is the place for you. THE GOOD Very helpful and friendly staff, they are great, quick to sort out any issues for you, has a bar with good food and a pool, the place is very clean and well looked after, safe place to live. Wished they had made an effort and soundproofed when built it, shame.

LC Response:
Thank you for this feedback. Please let us know how we can support further with your concerns! If you would like to touch base further with us please let us know when a good time would be. If you would like to stop in the office I am available next week to discuss further too if you are available! Looking forward to hearing from you soon! - Lizzy Nelson, Assistant Community Manager

Clean Property inside

Submitted by Charles - 4th June 2021 | Recommended: Yes

The gentleman that takes care of the cleaning on the inside always does such an excellent job every day. Always making the place smell and look great....However the dog pooped outside never gets taken care of I know that's not his responsibility but the company needs to hire someone to pick up all of the doll crap right in front of the door If. Isn't embarrassing to have one doggy poop right in from of the door. Allof the dog owners do not pick up their dog poop. And you can definitely tell it's the owners with big dogs. Why are residents so lazy they can't take their trash to the trash shoot, instead they set trash bags in front of their doors making the hallway reek of trash

LC Response:
Thank you for this feedback! We have reached out to Capital Crossroads (one of our partners) to assist better with the clean up. The trash room is a valet pick up weekly and is why you are seeing the trash on the pick up day. If there is anything further we can clarify or help with - please let us know! - Lizzy Nelson, Assistant Community Manager

LA TO Ohio

Submitted by Corey - 3rd June 2021 | Recommended: Yes

It's safe.

LC Response:
Thank you for your review! Please feel free to stop by to discuss further about your concerns. Looking forward to seeing you soon! - Lizzy Nelson, Assistant Community Manager

LC has great spaces and amazing amenities. 5 5 would recommend

Submitted by John - 2nd June 2021 | Recommended: Yes

Luxury without the luxury price tag.

LC Response:
Thank you for this feedback! Please let us know if there is anything else we can to to help onsite!

A great downtown option

Submitted by Sarah - 1st June 2021 | Recommended: Yes

There's a lot of square footage here in our property which makes it a terrific value. Right next to the Scioto River, a few local restaurants and bars downtown, and real close to Franklinton. Very pleased with the location and value of the property. Looking forward to living here for years to come.

LC Response:
Thank you for your wonderful feedback! Please keep us posted how we can better your experience here onsite!

Nice location. Not worth the money though

Submitted by Nathan - 11th May 2021 | Recommended: No

The gym is pretty awesome other than that its really not worth the money. For a brand new building I cannot believe how many issues I had with the AC in particular. They say they have a pool but its more like a puddle that you can stick your feet in.

LC Response:
Thank you for providing this feedback. We appreciate your feedback and would love to touch base further to assist in any way we can onsite! Looking forward to connecting with you again soon!

The most amazing experience of living

Submitted by Eric - 2nd May 2021 | Recommended: Yes

This property by far has been the best I have ever lived in, between the style, the views, the unit designs, the amenities, ease of access, the fitness room, and I could not be happier that I got a chance to get a special when I moved in

LC Response:
Thank you so much for these kind words! We are happy that you are enjoying our community but please let us know if there is anything else that we can do to better the community!

Surprisingly Unwelcoming

Submitted by Alejandro - 30th April 2021 | Recommended: No

Primarily, I really enjoy the floorplan I have. I love the windows, the feel of the apartment, and I'm looking forward to living downtown after years of being 25mins away from everything. It's just unfortunate there are a lot of compromises. The reason I moved from LC Dublin was due to upstairs neighbors and distance from work. There was a promotion available for a free transfer to LC Riversouth. I reached out the day I got the promotion notification and scheduled a viewing. Everything looked great, and though I was apprehensive about the price, I knew I wanted the floorplan and didn't mind paying a bit more for the location. There was a 2mo-free rent promotion, the free transfer fee 500 , and the tour was very pleasant. I'm not sure what changed, if it was something I did or said during the tour, or some part of the email communication that caused a problem, but the floor plan I agreed to was given away several times with very poor communication about what was going on. I had several conversations with the property staff, asking what I needed to do and followed their instructions, but kept missing out on the floorplan. I had to walk back a notice to vacate at my current complex because I had no where to go since I had no idea what was going on. I finally reached out to my then-current property manager to figure out what was happening and even she was baffled by the experience. I had completed employment verification, offered whatever money was necessary to reserve the multiple floorplans I kept missing, and kept checking in and each time it was more and more clear I was getting on the property staff's nerves. The woman I initially worked with gave me information stating I didn't owe fees due to being in an LC unit already, and her boss told me when I called back that wasn't true and I'd have to pay like 450. Finally, I just paid for the deposit and application fees, which was several hundred dollars and not necessary since I was a current resident, through the website for an available unit instead of trying to figure it out with the staff. Sure enough, I get a call stating that floorplan had already been reserved by another resident and their system hadn't updated. A week later, after bringing up the problem to my property manager, I get a call stating another plan was available and I was welcome to it. At this point I was just spitefully determined to pay for what I originally asked for and I accepted, told them to keep the money I already gave them for the fees, and asked for the fees back that I wasn't supposed to pay due to my current residency. When I showed up to get my keys, it was an incredibly abrasive, unwelcoming experience that ended in me paying an additional 700-something just to accept the keys. I assume this was pro-rated rent for the rest of the month, but when I asked what it was for, I was told it was required to accept the keys. I had already paid 450 in fees, a 500 transfer fee that was supposed to be free, and now this 700 amount for an apartment that was supposed to come with 2mos free rent and a waived 500 transfer fee, waived 150 application fee. I paid all the fees because I was just being stubborn and I didn't like the feel of the interactions and didn't need any more problems. I asked about the credits, the refund of the unnecessary fees, and eventually without communication, I logged into the resident portal page to see 3700 credit applied to my account that added up to all of what I was owed after I went through the agreements to make sure the numbers matched. As long as I got the money back, whatever. I think there was supposed to be a breakdown of the services available to residents but I think I'd pushed my luck enough at that point. A few weeks in, I have no idea how the trash or recycling pickup works and the two times I called to ask questions about it, it was like talking to a brick wall. The HVAC system is perpetually on, the fans sound like a loud white noise machine. Calling to ask questions about this led to them replacing an air filter and then saying put the thermostat on auto , which it had been the whole time, I've just accepted it because at least the utilities are flat-rate. I can literally feel the vibration and hear the sound of the weights being dropped on the gym on the bottom floor the building, it is painfully clear, and I'm on the 4th floor. The hallway smells like a hamster cage and audio from each apartment is so clear by the entrance to each unit that it's like you're in the same room as them. And despite COVID, there are gatherings in the courtyard from other residents where it's kind of crazy how clearly the noise echoes upward. There's no getting away from upstairs neighbors in apartment living, so that's just an unfortunate reality on top of the rest of the irritations. Two weeks into me living here, I received a message from the property staff regarding a noise complaint concerning loud music late at night and early morning, which made no sense as I am usually wearing headphones most of the day to block out the noise from the other neighbors. I sent them a recording of examples of a movie playing and music playing in my unit at the normal volume levels I have the TV at and they backed off. Short of living in the country, I know apartment noise is just part of life and I'm choosing to live with it despite all this nonsense. tl dr - The floorplan is beautiful, the walls and floors are thin. the neighbors are loud, the gym noise thuds are the worst apartment problem I've ever dealt with in my life, I don't think the property staff like me very much, and while I'm not a very loud person, I'm less and less concerned with the noise I'm making with each passing day after listening to everyone else. It is truly something to behold that without a rent promotion, this place is 1500 . I'm fine with staying because I like the layout, the area, and think the social stuff in the area will be fun when the world opens up again. Though the whole initial experience has been really just terrible, as long as I don't have to deal with the staff too much, I'm fine.

LC Response:
Thank you for providing this feedback and hope that we can connect soon so that we can help to resolve these concerns in the community. We will be in touch soon to see if there is a day or time that works best for you for us to touch base further.

Best Apartment and Building I've Lived In Across 4 States

Submitted by Frank - 27th April 2021 | Recommended: Yes

I've yet to have an issue worth noting and the ones not worth noting all got resolved far faster than any other place I've lived. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly but won't sugarcoat things or try to pretend they have an answer if they don't. Maintenance is swift, apartments feel bigger than they are and are designed wonderfully.

LC Response:
Thank you for this feedback! Please keep us posted if there is anything further we can do to better our community!


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