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I think the LC is a great place to live

Submitted by Gillian - 16th January 2019 | Recommended: Yes

The only problem I have with the LC RiverSouth is that there is no guest parking whatsoever. Very inconvenient for having anyone over on a regular basis

We are enjoying living at the LC

Submitted by Lisa - 2nd January 2019 | Recommended: Yes

The front office staff are incredible as well as the maintenance team. The unit is beautiful as well as the entire community, the location is perfect for walking to restaurants, bars, walking your dogs and the neighbors are so friendly. I really enjoy living here with my husband and our two fur babies.

LC Response:
Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for the feedback. We love that you are settling into your new home and are loving the neighborhood. Stop by the office with your fur babies soon, we have treats!

I'm very happy I chose LC Riversouth

Submitted by Macklin - 1st January 2019 | Recommended: Yes

The location and amenities are excellent. The front office is beyond helpful. For the price, LC Riversouth is the best place to live downtown. My only complaint would be that the front doors to the apartments are paper thin so people in the hallway can hear and be heard almost as if the door isn't there. As for hearing my neighbors through the walls and ceilings, I have no complaints there as I rarely hear anything from them. It's just through the front door that noise escapes very well.

LC Response:
Hey Mack, I appreciate your honest feedback and am happy to hear that overall you are loving your place with us. We are very excited for the introduction of the new gym facility, CODE, and the community pool later this year and hope these extra amenities will help make your experience even better!

Bright lights in the big Cbus

Submitted by Stephanie - 14th December 2018 | Recommended: Yes

I enjoy living at the LC downtown location mostly for the location, location, location...but I am fortunate to also enjoy a great view of Scioto and Bicentennial Park as well. This location is still under construction, so there are still some small detailed items that still need addressed. The staff are amazing, not only in the front office, but well as all the staff at The Goat. It was shared to me once by an employee at the LC that the goal is to make this community feel like residence belong and everyone are friends family. I can state that I feel like this is a family and they have my back, whether it's my home or during meals.

LC Response:
Hey Stephanie- Thanks so much for the kind words! We love having you as part of our "family" and are glad to see you as often as we do! Keep us updated if you need anything. Best, LC RiverSouth Team

Longtime resident

Submitted by Stephanie - 1st December 2018 | Recommended: Yes

I lived at the LC riversouth for 8 years for a reason. The building and staff are both great The security and amenities are first rate and staff is constantly upgrading with the latest and greatest innovations. Having the Luxor one package system is incredibly convanient, the only downside is now I don’t get to see the leasing office staff when I pick up my packages. The new upgraded call box that lets you issue temporary keys to visitors you’re expecting is genius. Any maintence issue I’ve ever had is responded to very promptly, normally much faster than I expect. The sound proofing between units is very good as well. My favorite amenity is probably the heated semiprivate garage which I’ve been completely spoiled by the last 8 years. id highly recommend anyone interested in downtown living consider the LC

LC Response:
Thank you so much for your feedback and for your 8 year residency with us! We have been so lucky to have you for as long as we have and are excited for your new adventure as a homeowner. You will always be welcome here but we wish you nothing but the best. We hope to still see you around at The Goat!

Safe and convenient

Submitted by Luisa - 10th November 2018 | Recommended: Yes

I have lived here for two years and love it. Great location and amazing staff

LC Response:
Hey Abby- Thanks so much for the great review and the kind words! We love to hear that our residents love it here, and we will be sad to see you go!

Great place to live

Submitted by Sean - 9th September 2018 | Recommended: Yes

My overall experience here at LC RiverSouth has been a positive one.. the few negative things I've experienced, such as being able to hear the neighbors above me, are far outweighed by the amazing and attentive staff and maintenance crew that have been here for me multiple times over the past couple years Micah, Jeremy, Rex, and everyone else in the office has gone out of their way to make sure I was taken care of on multiple occasions. Their superior level of customer service provided is something you just don't find very often, and I truly appreciate you guys The maintenance crew has been just as great. As far as parking is concerned, of course it isn't always going to be the greatest in a downtown area... That being said, anytime I've had an out of town guest coming to stay for a day or two, the guys in the office have been able to hook me up with a place for my guest to park in a nearby lot. Just another example of the exceptional customer service I've experienced here One last thing- I finally got around to trying something from the Goat- it's soooo good

LC Response:
Hey Sean- Thanks for letting us know how we are doing! It always is great to hear that our residents enjoy living here at LC RiverSouth, especially when they take notice in the community that we try to provide. We hope you enjoy the rest of your time with us, and as always, let us know any ways we can help!

Love it here

Submitted by Grant - 31st August 2018 | Recommended: Yes

I'd tell them it was a well maintained facility with the best staff of people, who will help you whenever you need it. We've loved our time here.

LC Response:
Hey Grant- Thanks for the kind words! I know the office will miss you all as residents, but we appreciate that you enjoyed your time here!

The first place I've lived in that I've been proud to show off

Submitted by Matthew - 21st August 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Living here was one of the better decisions I've made. The apartment was immaculate when I moved in, I'm excited to show off the grounds and location to everyone I know, and I know that when I come home I'm coming back to my place, not just a rented building with four walls. I'm coming home.

LC Response:
Wow, what an amazing review to read. We love hearing these kinds of reviews as our one goal is simply to make sure you love coming home. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience and we hope to see you at the next Goat event. -LC Team

Great, but a few changes

Submitted by Rachael - 1st August 2018 | Recommended: Yes

I love the location and the apartment itself. But the fact that I can hear the garbage trucks coming twice a week gets a bit frustrating. I think the pricing is good, though some of the fixtures could be better, such as the counter tops. Overall a great place to live

LC Response:
Hey Rachael- Thanks for the kind words but also honest feedback. We have been trying to get the dumpsters picked up a little later than 7am but has been tricky with their downtown schedule. We will for sure look into this! Hope to see you at the Goat soon! Best, Jeremy


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