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This property is awful, I would never recommend it

Submitted by Summer - 20th February 2021 | Recommended: No

The walls are so thin, I can hear everything. It is too overpriced considering the low quality of maintenance. I have contacted the property several times for noise complaints, and they have done nothing.

LC Response:
Summer, Thanks for contacting us regarding this matter. Our leasing team has reached out to you via phone and email in regards to the noise as well as performed two noise tests within your convenient work schedule. Our team has contacted your neighbors and there has not been any additional reports from you since 10/07/2020 with a follow-up note on 10/08/2020 stating that this has been rectified and both our leasing team and courtesy officer contact information was provided to you. If you are still experiencing any further issues concerning noise or your neighbors we would be happy to discuss with you more to better remedy this situation. Thanks for reaching out to us with this helpful feedback and we hope to speak with you soon. -Hannah Daniels, Operations Manger 502-893-7000


Submitted by Marci - 14th February 2021 | Recommended: Yes

It is alright. Safe and good area. I think rent is a little high and the office is sometimes difficult to work with. The amenities aren't kept up all the time which frustrates me the dog parks . They took the dumpsters and now we have all these rules about the trash compactor and trash cans which is fine but we get constant emails saying we're doing it wrong. The dog waste stations are frequently overflowing or the dispensers for pet bags are on the ground and broken. There is also pet waste everywhere. I have a dog who I always pick up after but I am really tired of stepping into someone else's mess. I had to leave work one day because I realized I had stepped in something awful. This has increased in severity after they removed the dumpsters. I like the look of the apartments, but when my dishwasher broke they replaced it with a lower performing one even though I pay for the fully upgraded apartment, that is what really gets to me. I think the landscape is nice and the maintenance people are kind and do good work. The office is friendly but they don't return calls or do the things that they will do. In my opinion they are well intentioned but lack consistency. Overall an okay place to live.

LC Response:
Marci, Thank you for providing us with this helpful feedback. Please understand that this community, although in a great location and well-known to the city of Louisville, is still going through a transition period with its team, grounds and apartment renovations. We apologize that our emails regarding the new trash service appear aggressive, however we have been receiving an increase amount of calls with questions and discrepancies concerning Impact Trash. Our team has the best of intentions to service and clarify the matter in any way possible. We understand this transition period with things like Impact is new to both you all as residents and our teams as well. I do want to address that we are aware of the pet waste issue that was brought to our attention and in order to compensate we did place more pet waste stations conveniently throughout the property and with our grounds keeper out of office, both leasing and maintenance have walked the premises to keep these areas clean. Concerning your dishwasher, and as we have communicated with you previously, COVID-19 has placed a back-order on all appliances nationwide, some out-of-stock completely. Although the dishwasher was not replaced with the exact model you were originally furnished with, and since the dishwasher was unable to be repaired, we were still able to provide you with the next best model, stainless steel and install in the home as soon as possible. I do want to sincerely apologize that you feel neglected by our team when it comes to follow up and further communication regarding your concerns. We will notate this for future reference and please continue to reach out to us for anything you need within your time here with us at LC St. Matthews. -Hannah Daniels, Operations Manager 502-893-7000

Overall it’s great

Submitted by Brooks - 26th January 2021 | Recommended: Yes

Good living environment. Quiet

LC Response:
Good Afternoon Brooks! Thanks so much for giving us a positive remark! We are so glad you are enjoying your new home and please continue to communicate with our leasing team should you need anything in the future! -Hannah Daniels, Operations Manager 502-893-7000


Submitted by Dani - 15th January 2021 | Recommended: Yes


LC Response:
Hey Dani! Thank you so much for your positive feedback! Should there be anything you need you need in the future within your stay please don't hesitate to reach out! -Hannah Daniels, Operations Manager 502-893-7000

I love where I live

Submitted by Taylor - 3rd January 2021 | Recommended: Yes

Amazing. This was my first apartment and it is the perfect place for a first timer, and I cant wait to keep living here.

LC Response:
Hey Taylor! Thank you so much for your kind words about our community! We are so excited to have you here and that you have chosen LC St. Matthews as your new home! Should there be anything you need in the future to better your stay or your service in your current home, please reach out to our leasing team. We hope to exceed your expectations moving forward within your stay here with us! -Hannah Daniels, Operations Manager 502-893-7000


Submitted by Bell - 17th December 2020 | Recommended: No

Overly priced

LC Response:
Good Afternoon Bell, We thank you for your feedback and value your opinion as a resident here at LC St. Matthews. While we appreciate your great reviews about our leasing team, we would love to discuss with you more in depth about how we can improve in areas like maintenance, grounds, and other subjects you are experiencing trouble with. Please don't hesitate to contact the office to discuss more in detail about how we can make your stay here more comfortable moving forward -- our office number is:502-893-7000. We look forward to speaking with you! -LC St. Matthews

Friendly staff, poor grounds upkeep

Submitted by Aubrey - 3rd December 2020 | Recommended: No

I'm frustrated with the lack of parking, the trucks blocking the dumpsters that keep me from exiting the parking lot nearly every day leaving for or returning from work. The parking lot always has way too many leaves large sticks that make it a hazard to walk through to get to my apartment. I have a broken foot and am always stepping on something. Also, it's ridiculous the dumpsters were taken away. Leaving a trash can outside our apartment door has attracted squirrels who eat our trash and it just looks very tacky, unwelcoming and unsanitary.

LC Response:
Aubrey, Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. I apologize for the grounds upkeep within the last week, unfortunately our landscaping team had to shift their schedule from Tuesday to their earliest possible availability date due to the snow that had accumulated on that day -- They will have this cleaned up between Monday and Wednesday of next week! I understand your frustration with the dumpsters as I am aware that this is a big transition for you as a resident but also for our office team. Moreover, the wild life attraction has actually decreased since we removed the dumpsters as the garbage accumulation permitted animals, such as squirrels, to hibernate in these areas and once the dumpsters were removed, they scattered. With this in mind, we hope that in time and once we regain consistency, you will come to like the convenience and positive transition into our valet trash service! I notice your mention of the trucks blocking the dumpsters. Since we not longer have dumpsters on property and if you are open to contacting the leasing team, we would love to speak with you more in depth to this concern if you could allow us more information on this subject. Thanks again for addressing your concerns with us Aubrey!


Submitted by Betty - 29th November 2020 | Recommended: Yes

I really love living here. Any issues we've had have been resolved quickly. Everyone is friendly and kind here, from the office leasing staff, to the maintenance staff. We are super happy living here and feel very safe in this community.

LC Response:
Thank you so much for your kind words! We love what we do and we're so happy to have residents like you to take care of!

Great apartment

Submitted by Rachel - 20th November 2020 | Recommended: Yes

This is definitely the best apartment complex around, especially if you have a pet. We have absolutely loved living here and we’re very sad to leave, but would much rather prefer spending this kind of money on renting a home instead. One problem we did have was that we would submit multiple work orders for things that were breaking around our apartment randomly shower pole, ac unit, etc. and the maintenance people would say they completed it when it wasn’t complete. It was really frustrating, as they were things that were very visible or causing damage to our apartment. Other than that, it was a wonderful living situation. Will definitely miss this place.

LC Response:
Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We're glad you were happy with your time here and love that you've brought something out that we can train through with the team and improve on. If there's anything we can do for your to change your mind and stay with us, please let us know!

Absolutely rotten

Submitted by Christian - 13th November 2020 | Recommended: No

I would tell them to go somewhere else , save the headache. So many unnecessary rules. The trash service is poor. Maintenance is poor lazy. Any issue with your apartment Expect to get it fixed in about 2 weeks. Majority of the people who work at the office don’t care about their residents, you can tell they’re just there to clock in and clock out without doing actual work. Signs saying camera in use where spread around Bowling Blvd. I confronted them about it after my car was stolen and said there are no cameras.... they also refused to take them down. I can keep going and going but at this point you get it.


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