LC St. Matthews Reviews

Nice units, some issue with redesign

Submitted by Joulia - 31st July 2018 | Recommended: No

The units are nice and spacious with a lot of room for storage, and the staff are very friendly and professional. However, there are issues with how long maintenance takes, and the fact that the common area facilities seem to be falling apart at any given time broken gates, worn out pool furniture , etc. The remodeling makes the buildings look cheap, and the new units have cramped rooms and very little storage space.

This property is a 3 5

Submitted by Erin - 31st July 2018 | Recommended: Yes

The 2 main complaints I have with this apartment community 1 the lack of parking availability, and 2 there is dog poop EVERYWHERE because no one cleans up after their pets. I wish they were more strict vigilant with enforcing people to clean up after their pets. Any time you walk in the grass you have to watch your step and it is pretty much inevitable that you will step in dog poop. It also causes the property to smell during the summer because the dog poop just sits and bakes in the sun. The pros of Mallard-- the apartments are nice and the staff is really nice and helpful.

Good location, and great staff

Submitted by William - 31st July 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Quiet and nice location. In walking distance to almost anything you need. The walls are a little thin as I can hear my neighbors better than I would like. Plumbing in the buildings are old and needs work.

Moved in July 2018

Submitted by Amanda - 29th July 2018 | Recommended: Yes

I have a balcony facing the park with a creek. The apartment has charm and a homey feel. My neighbors are quiet and very polite. On moving day, several offered a hand. I feel safe and happy here. The price is reasonable. Maintenance requests are addressed within a few days.

I loved living here and hope to again soon

Submitted by Marlissa - 24th July 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Mallard Crossing is a really great place to live, the apartments are modern and nice and the pools are beautiful. The only reason I am leaving is because of school but I want to return to Mallard Crossing in February. I tell all my peers looking for housing in the area to check out Mallard Crossing first. I am in Louisville for my third rotation at GE and I have toured many MANY apartments none of them come close to matching the value you find at Mallard Crossing, stylish apartments in a safe part of town for a competitive price. Maintenance is also very fast. Loved living here, and hope to again soon.

Maybe the most professional apt complex I've stayed at

Submitted by Austin - 19th July 2018 | Recommended: Yes

My work carries me across the country, and I've seen MANY poorly managed properties. The office staff is professional, the maintenance staff is VERY professional and prompt, the grounds are impeccably kept, all construction upgrades are clearly communicated, the use of technology for billing, communication, and maintenance is well done, AND they're pet friendly which was our deciding factor . I will stay here for as long as I live in Louisville, and would recommend to any family or friend.

Poor security

Submitted by Dylan - 19th July 2018 | Recommended: No

Good at getting things fixed in a timely fashion. But we have had multiple items stolen and when we asked about security or cameras they basically told us too bad. And that the apartment complex was too big to have cameras on site. There are much bigger facilities with security cameras, so we found that to be a poor excuse.

I like living here

Submitted by Monique - 19th July 2018 | Recommended: Yes

The grounds are relatively quiet. I love that we are pet-friendly - especially dog-friendly. The grounds are well kept. I seldom hear my neighbors. I assume they don't hear us because there hasn't been a complaint.


Submitted by Jessica - 9th July 2018 | Recommended: Yes


Construction is NONSTOP

Submitted by Colton - 6th July 2018 | Recommended: No

When we moved in over a month ago, no one warned us of what was to come. They emailed me saying they were going to start some minor construction that shouldn't take longer than a week. It has been longer than a month and they are still working on it. Parking has become a huge hassle, workers are there well past 5pm as late a 9pm , it is loud and intrusive. The construction they did destroyed my patio and made my apartment very visible from the street where as before it was enclosed . They have painted the entire property which used to be a nice red brick, bright white. I am very displeased with my experience so far at Mallard Crossing.


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