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Nice place to live

Submitted by Christina - 29th November 2021 | Recommended: Yes

Nice place to live. Staff is nice and very helpful.

LC Response:
Hey Christine, Thank you for letting us know how we are doing, and Choosing to call LC Sunbury home! Kindest, LC Sunbury Staff

Great place

Submitted by Katelyn - 14th November 2021 | Recommended: Yes

We have wonderful and understanding neighbors. The community here is wonderful and is truly a joy to be in. Maintenence and the leasing office employees are all so helpful.

LC Response:
Thank for the kind words Katelyn ! We are glad that your are at LC Sunbury! Kindest, LC Sunbury Staff


Submitted by Katy - 17th October 2021 | Recommended: Yes


LC Response:
Thank you for taking time to write a reviw! Kindest, Nicole

LC Sunbury

Submitted by Jared - 17th October 2021 | Recommended: Yes

Jim and Nicole are amazing when it comes to maintenance. The floaters and contracted work…. not so much. Trash pickup seems to be a major problem with “Trash Cab,” as there have been multiple times trash has been put out by the residents and the trash cab does not pick up trash. This leads to rodents and pests that linger outside apartments and create issues later. Over all, during the years I have run into very few problems, but most are fixed immediately, especially if Jim is working. When he’s not, it’s hit or miss.

LC Response:
Jared, thank you for taking the time to lets us know how we are doing! We appreciate your feedback and you as a tenant! Kindest, LC Sunbury

I love the property but we have neighbors who are horrible

Submitted by Brittney - 30th April 2021 | Recommended: Yes

It is a great place to live Other than living by neighbors who always violate the lease and nothing is ever done, we have a foul odor coming from the neighbors daily and have complained and still have a problem. We also have a problem with the neighbors walking through our patio and by our vehicles in which neighbors children have scratched our vehicles with there bicycles.

LC Response:
Thank you for letting us know, we will be actively working to rectify this for you. Kindest, LC Sunbury Management

The staff are great

Submitted by Bianca - 5th February 2021 | Recommended: Yes

It’s very comfortable and warm welcoming

LC Response:
Bianca, Thank you for the kind words! We appreciate you as a resident ! Kindest, LC Sunbury

Feels private

Submitted by Tracey - 17th January 2021 | Recommended: Yes

I like having my own front door and garage. Having down sized from a house it has the privacy that I still wanted to have.

Decent for the price and location

Submitted by Matthew - 7th January 2021 | Recommended: Yes

It’s a nice place to live, good area, kind neighbors. It’s the best price for a 2 bed 2 bath apartment with an attached garage north of columbus. The walls are very thin though and doesn’t do the best at insulating cold out or noise from neighbors. Some units are a bit out of date but that have been renovating.

Great experience living at LC Sunbury

Submitted by Brandon - 6th January 2021 | Recommended: Yes

My wife and I lived here for over a year and a half and had a great experience. Office staff was always very helpful, and the maintenance staff responding to issues quickly and professionally. We have rented a few different places and Jim and the maintenance team were hands down the best we have ever had. We had a few issues with loud neighbors, but overall the community was a great place to live. We would definitely recommend LC Sunbury to anyone.

Neighbors Above Us Are Very Loud At Night

Submitted by Victor - 30th December 2020 | Recommended: Yes

The upstairs neighbors have a habit of blasting music past 10pm, I work 2pm - 11pm from home as a helpdesk specialist and this seriously impacts my ability to maintain a professional experience over the phone with my clients. I also find it hard to pray my evening prayers after I get off of work with music blasting just above me.

LC Response:
Thank you so much for reaching out and providing this feedback. We will reach out to the neighboring unit in regards to the noise issues. Please let us know if you need anything additional!


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