LC Sunbury Reviews

Great place to live

Submitted by Nicole - 3rd July 2019 | Recommended: Yes

I love my apartment, and have barely had any issues. I'm in a townhome, and I can sometimes hear the neighbors on either side of me opening closing their closet doors as well as listening to loud music sometimes, but that is to be expected in an apartment and it truly doesn't bother me. I've never been able to hear any talking, yelling, etc. which is great compared to other apartments. Sunbury is a smaller, safe community so the location is perfect here.

LC Response:
Hi Nicole, we're so happy to hear how much your apartment has been a great place to call home! We appreciate your honesty in your review and please let us know if any of those things ever become an issue as that's what we're here for! We love having you here and hope to see you at our Pool Party later this month! Thank you LC Sunbury

review June 27 2019

Submitted by Terry - 27th June 2019 | Recommended: Yes

This is a relatively quiet neighborhood, residents seem to be respectful of others. I can't usually hear dogs barking, except when I'm home on a weekday. That can be annoying, but the dogs must be home alone, because you don't hear it in the evenings.

LC Response:
Hi Terry, thank you so much for the 5 star review! We are happy to hear that for the most part you are enjoying living with us at LC Sunbury! Please let us know if you need anything. Thank you LC Sunbury

A lot of broken things

Submitted by Tristin - 24th June 2019 | Recommended: No

There are a lot of broken things on move in and we pay way to much for how little we get that actually works

LC Response:
Hi Tristin, thank you for your feedback! We always appreciate when residents are honest in letting us know what needs our attention. Please know that you are always welcome to submit work orders even through the user friendly resident portal accessible on your phone. Thank you LC Sunbury

Price is good , small community

Submitted by Austin - 16th April 2019 | Recommended: Yes

I would say it is nice and i would recommend it to anyone. nice stay super good bang for the buck.

LC Response:
Hi Austin, thanks a ton for the 3 start review. Please don't hesitate to reach out to let us know what we could be doing better to enhance your experience or if you need anything! Have a great day. Marilee Community Manager LC Sunbury 740-965-3710

Great property, sidewalks would be a great addition

Submitted by Emily - 20th March 2019 | Recommended: Yes

Conveniently located. Plenty of amenities for an apartment complex. A very well diversed community of people here.

LC Response:
Emily, Thank you so much for your feedback and the 4 star rating! We take pride in the aesthetics of our community! Please don't hesitate to utilize the LARGE walking path around the community as it is a nice substitute for allowing more green in your front yard! If there is every anything that needs our attention, please don't hesitate to contact the office at 740-965-3710! Thank you Marilee Community Manager

Amazing Maintenance Experience

Submitted by Angela - 5th March 2019 | Recommended: Yes

We have lived here at LC Sunbury for about 15 months now and we really love it Recently we had an issue with our kitchen faucet and the maintenance technician went above and beyond for us. He fixed the first problem with it and then it had something else wrong so he went and got a brand new one for me. Also he noticed a kitchen cabinet that was crooked that I didn't even mention and he fixed that as well This is a great community to live at and we plan on being here for a long time.

LC Response:
Hi Angela, thank you so much for such a nice review! We appreciate the 5 stars!!! I'm happy to hear that you've had a wonderful experience and we also agree that our Maintenance Manager is a 'gem' and a fantastic team asset and does his best to go above and beyond expectations. If you ever have something to address or that needs our attention, please don't hesitate to reach out! Marilee Community Manager 740-965-3710

Nice Comfortable

Submitted by Joel - 1st March 2019 | Recommended: Yes

Nice Apartment Convenient

LC Response:
Hi Joel, thank you for the 4 star review! We enjoy having you here with us at LC Sunbury and if there is every anything we can do to increase your resident experience, please don't hesitate to reach out! Marilee Community Manager 740-965-3710

Good place

Submitted by Courtney - 21st January 2019 | Recommended: Yes

It feels like home.

LC Response:
Courtney, thank you so much for your 4 star review! If there is anything we can do to make your experience greater or anything that needs our attention, please reach out to us at the Leasing Office!! Marilee Arnold Community Manager LC Sunbury 740-965-3710

A great complex

Submitted by Monica - 16th November 2018 | Recommended: Yes

I’d tell them that is quiet and a great place for the price.

LC Response:
Monica, Thank you so much for the 3 star review! We do our very best to help everyone enjoy living in our community and your comments are very encouraging to hear. If there is anything you need, please reach out to the office. Thank you Marilee Arnold Community Manager 740-965-3710

Was a Great Community before the TrashCans showed up

Submitted by Todd - 28th September 2018 | Recommended: No

The grounds were beautiful and well-maintained and then one day in September they decided to drop off hundreds of trash cans and get rid of dumpsters. Well no it looks ridiculous with a trashcan sitting outside every apartment.

LC Response:
Hi Todd, Thank you for taking the time to let us know how we are doing and giving us 4 stars! If you ever need anything please feel free to reach out to me. Marilee Arnold Property Manager 740-965-3710


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