Post-Holiday Decorating Tips

General LC News01/08/2018

If we had it our way, winter would end right after the holidays and we would skip straight to spring or summer. Unfortunately, those cold days last nearly three months after the last of the seasonal festivities and it can get pretty dreary outside. Thankfully, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to add some color and warmth to your interiors. Once the holiday decorations are packed, try some of these fun and easy ways to brighten up your space.

Fresh Flowers

We’re starting off with a simple addition. Flowers bring light and color to any room and can be found at your local grocery store, market or floral shop. You should be able to stock up on most flower varieties like roses, snowdrops, amaryllis and tulips, regardless of the season. If flowers aren’t really your thing, live plants are a great choice, too. Try bonsai trees, succulents or ferns to add some green to your home.

White Wonderland

Why not bring that winter white indoors? In the fall, most people tend to gravitate towards warmer colors like orange, red and brown. You can take a similar approach in colder months by incorporating white into your decor. It brings a crisp, fresh feel to your rooms and instantly brightens up the space. Plus, you can pair it with pops of color like blue or yellow for a more vibrant look. Try the white wall decor from Bungalow House (pictured on on our Instagram page) for a unique way to display this trend.

Sweater Weather

Turns out, you can use sweaters for more than just protection from the cold. Instead of discarding old sweaters (or that new one your Aunt Debbie makes every year), use them to decorate your vases or glass votives. Simply cut off the sleeves and slip them over the container. You can add twine or ribbon to complete the look or leave them simple and clean. This works best with chunky knit fabrics in solid colors, but feel free to test other textures or designs.

Bright Lights

Another simple way to brighten your winter blues is to literally brighten your space. To counter the lack of sunlight, switch your lightbulbs to those with a white or blue light. They more closely mimic sunlight and leave you feeling peaceful and relaxed. Also, you can keep the feeling of warmth that your Christmas tree provided by relying mostly on ambient light. When possible, opt for table and floor lamps or use candlelight (aromatherapy candles are an added bonus) to create a sense of calm.

Party, People

Sure, the holidays are filled with get togethers and nights out, but that doesn’t mean it all has to end on January 1. Nothing cures the winter blues quite like quality time with the people you love. Plus, now that you’ve taken time to revamp your living space, you might as well show it off. Invite your neighbors over for a movie or host a game night with your closest friends. Surrounding yourself with others is a great way to recharge and bring energy to your day. After a long (and sometimes stressful) holiday season, it can be so rewarding to unplug your phone and simply enjoy yourself with loved ones. Use this time to gather as a group and have a good time.

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