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Easy Tips to a Healthier Holiday

Healthy Holiday
Healthy Holiday

Om Fitness Club gives you easy cooking tips for a healthier holiday season.

With all of the sugar, spice and everything nice that goes into festive food and drinks of the holiday season, it’s easy for the calories to pile up.  You can still enjoy all of your favorite seasonal recipes, and at a lower cost to your healthy eating plan by using ingredient substitutes.  Try the following healthy substitutions to reduce the amount of fat, salt, sugar and calories in your recipes, and still have fun cooking in the kitchen!


  • Choose whole-grain bread over white bread whenever you can in pastas and rolls, and brown rice over white rice for dishes.

  • Try crushed bran cereal or rolled oats instead of dry bread crumbs for a crunch.

  • Applesauce can be a great substitute for butter or margarine, even if you only sub-in half of the called-for amount!

  • Use herbs, spices and citrus juices as your go-to’s for adding flavor to dishes, instead of table salt.

  • Vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and raw honey can sweeten your baked goods as alternatives to sugar.  

  • Sub in low-fat greek yogurt or cottage cheese when the recipe calls for sour cream.

  • Instead of ground beef, choose lean ground turkey breast for your burgers, tacos and meat sauces.  

  • Evaporated skim milk is the preferred replacement to heavy cream - it provides the same consistency with a lot less fat and calories.

  • Substituting egg whites for whole eggs is best when you want to be careful with cholesterol.

Challenge yourself in the kitchen to find ways to make your dishes as healthy as possible, while still enjoying all the flavors of the season.  It will be even easier for you to achieve those New Year’s resolutions much sooner!