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Breaking Down Barriers

Breaking Down Barriers

3 tips to keep your fitness goals on track

We’ve all been there: we make a plan, we start strong but then slowly, one thing leads to another and you’re back at square one. This happens in life and fitness is no different. Making healthy choices a part of your everyday life includes a myriad of factors but consider these tips for making your plan stick:

  1. Define Your Purpose and Fight For It: Not because a significant other said so, not because a doctor said so, but because you said so. Work towards the goals that you want to achieve in your fitness journey. Keep this purpose at the front of your mind at all times and create strategies to confront any doubts.
  2. Schedule and Plan: Would you miss a meeting with CEO of your company because you just didn’t feel like it? Probably not. Your workouts and time spent on your wellness are just as important. Plan your workouts like you plan your other schedules. Even if it’s a 10 minute session of core exercises or a walk around the block during lunch. Pencil it in and do not cancel. This often takes planning. If you’re always hungry after work, chances are you’re not going to make that 6pm run. Don’t add extra excuses due to poor planning.
  3. Find Accountability: Maybe that’s a workout buddy to meet you in the mornings or posting on social media your daily yoga pose of the day. Whatever works for you, keep motivation and accountability a daily habit of yours. When you share your goals with others, you’re more likely to keep them.

You can talk yourself into and out of anything. Keep your self-talk positive and support yourself in achieving your goals. You'll reach them faster.