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Community Seal Coating

Attention Homeowner(s) and Renter(s): The New Albany Park Condo Association will begin a community wide seal coating and re-stripping project on Wednesday, July 22nd at 9 am. Sections of the community's roads will need to be blocked off during this process. During the seal coating, the striped areas indicating no parking will be suspended, and all sections of the association roadways will be available to park cars, so long as no garages or anyone else is blocked in by other cars. Each section of road will need to be closed for a total of 2 days each: one day to seal, and one day to dry and set. Maps are available at on the Association Website, and the mail kiosk, trash compactors and gym. The sections being seal coated will be the following days: Day 1 (YELLOW): Wednesday, July 22nd Day 2 (BLUE): Friday, July 24th Day 3 (RED): Monday, July 27th Day 4 (ORANGE): Wednesday, July 29th Day 5 (GREEN): Friday, July 31st. Please keep in mind that these dates are tentative, and subject to weather delays and changes. Additional updates can be found at access.lifestylecommunities.com, or on the association website. Each new day's seal coating will begin at 9 am. The roadways will need to be clear of cars and vehicles during the sealcoating process. Please make sure your vehicles are removed from the sections by 8:30 am. This also includes vehicles parked inside of garage spaces. Vehicles left in a garage after the sealing has started will need to remain in the garage until the section is marked complete by the vendor. If a vehicle is not removed from the seal coating area before seal coating can start, the vehicle will be towed to a different section of the community. The majority of the vehicles will be relocated to the Clubhouse parking lot, once it is finished with it's sealing. . If the weather is cooperating, this entire process should be finished by August 3rd. If the project is delayed due to weather, an additional email notice will be sent out, and a new map will be uploaded to the website and posted around in the community. Please contact mysupport@lifestylecommunities.com or your property manager, Kurt, at kbarnhart@lifestylecommunities.com with any questions or concerns. You can also contact 614-918-2100. Thank you everyone! -Lifestyle Property Management