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Goatapalooza 2015

Goatapalooza 2015
Goatapalooza 2015

Full day of live music, full day of good times.

Goatapalooza 2015 is heading to The Goat near you on Saturday, June 13. Stop out for the all-day live music, giveaways, and more sponsored by Corona and Corona Light. 

Ohio the Giant Duo - 12pm-2pm
DJ Mike Rill - 2pm-4pm
Andy Shaw Band - 4pm-6pm
DJ Axcess - 10pm-2am

Buffalo Native - 12pm-2pm
DJ Axcess - 2pm-4pm
Jacked Up Trio - 4pm-6pm
DJ Tommy - 10pm-2am

Jaty Edwards - 12pm-2pm
DJ Tommy - 2pm-4pm
Buffalo Native - 4pm-6pm
Andy Shaw Band - 10pm-1am

New Albany
Ok, Maybe - 12pm-3pm
Moving to Boise - 3pm-6pm