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Holiday Hustle

Holiday Hustle

Don't put your health on hold this holiday season.

As temperatures drop, holiday stress begins, and we begin to migrate indoors for fun gatherings, it’s easy to set aside your fitness goals for New Year’s resolutions. Although most Americans only gain a pound or two over the holiday season, the danger is that most never lose it, resulting in an accumulated weight gain over the years. While the holidays certainly make things difficult, they’re no excuse to put your health on hold. Here are 4 thoughts to keep in mind before the season begins:

  1. Get Ahead: The next two months are much less busy in the gym world. If you’re a new exerciser, it’s the perfect time to get ahead of the January crowd and acquaint yourself to the space. Take the time to reach out to your Om Fitness Specialist to show you the ropes!
  2. Mini Goals: It may seem like the holidays are lumped into one big time period, but there’s actually a lot of space between. Try setting mini goals for yourself during these times to maintain balance. Examples include: take 10 classes during the month of November, no sweets from Thanksgiving to Christmas, or average 10,000 steps the week of New Year’s.
  3. Find Something Fun: If you know you’ll be travelling, look for a reason to keep moving. A lot of cities have Turkey Trot 5Ks or Holiday Hustles. A lot of studios also offer free first-time guest passes for classes. The perfect excuse to try something new!
  4. Be Mindful: It’s truly a gift to be surrounded with friends and family and an abundance of food. Simply savor every last morsel and enjoy. Don’t feel guilty for these once-a-year meals. But don’t let it add up either. Bring healthy snacks for long bouts of travel, keep portions in mind, and be thankful!