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Join the LC Peloton

Join the LC Peloton

We are coming together for one goal: END CANCER.

As of today, the LC Peloton has 32 Riders, 11 Virtual Riders and 36 Volunteers registered for Pelotonia '17 and committed to END CANCER.  We have long-time riders, survivors, out-of-town team members, residents and family members that make up our Peloton.  We have already surpassed past years Peloton numbers, and are just 21 registrations away from reaching our goal; everyone can play a part by riding, registering as a Virtual Rider and fundraising, or volunteering. 

Check out our LC Peloton page at pelotonia.org/lifestylecommunities and e-mail LCPeloton@lifestylecommunities.com with any questions.