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Live From Within

Live From Within

Focus on your inner health and live from within.

It's easy to get caught up in the cycle of today's image expectations. If you gain weight, you need to lose weight. If you're too skinny, you need to gain weight. These confusing messages can overwhelm the best of us making it easy to lose sight of the question that is the most important - am I making healthy choices and am I happy with myself?

Now, this isn't meant to say that you shouldn't exercise. Studies have shown that exercise and fitness is by far one of the best ways that you can improve overall health. A balance of cardio, resistance, and flexibility training at a moderate intensity for at least thirty minutes per day has been shown to reduce, or even cure, many signs and symptoms of cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic diseases.

Health and exercise should be a peaceful cycle in your life. Depending on what type of workouts you are interested in, the exercise demand can be easy or very challenging. The goal is to find something that you are comfortable with, and something that when you finish the last rep, the last lap,and the last second, you feel safe, happy, and healthy. As a beginner, if exercise seems like an intimidating change in your lifestyle, consider a personal trainer to get you started.

Allow exercise to be your escape from the negative messages in the world. Let it to be time to focus on your inner beauty.