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Meet LC: Adrienne

Meet LC: Adrienne

Meet Adrienne at LC Paddock. What's her favorite Netflix binge?

Adrienne is at LC Paddock. She’s been with us for just over 2 yrs and she takes wonderful care of all our Paddock residents. Get to know Adrienne below!

Fun Fact: I wasn't allowed to get a driver's license until I passed my dad's own driving test/exam  - took me until my 17th birthday to pass and then get my driver's license (mastering stick shift is not easy!)
What is your favorite Netflix binge? How to Get Away with Murder or Grey's Anatomy
Would you rather - be forced to eat fruit cake or mincemeat pie as your only dessert for the holidays?  Never tried mincemeat pie but sounds sketchy, so I'd go with the fruit cake
What is you favorite holiday side dish? Cheesy potatoes are my weakness!
What is your favorite holiday movie: Christmas Vacation
What is your favorite drink at The Goat? The Elderberry
Best LC Memory: So many to choose from - last year's Holiday party - eat, drink and be merry!