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Meet LC: Jeremy

Meet LC: Jeremy

Meet Jeremy at LC RiverSouth: Can you guess his favorite recording artist?

Jeremy is the Property Manager at LC RiverSouth. He does a fabulous job caring for our residents. He has lots of new and exciting events planned for RiverSouth residents in 2017! If you haven't met him yet, stop by the leasing office to say hi.

I’ve been with LC for...sung in the style of "RENT": 2.499,840 minutes.... (yes, I know the music doesn't match BUT I'm only ONE person)

Fun Fact: I am learning to be a gourmet (amateur) chef.  Also, I cried in the middle of Soldier Field when I saw the Queen, Beyonce, perform.
What is your favorite Netflix binge? I've seen The Office more times than I can count, but currently I can't stop watching The West Wing. C.J. Cregg is my actual hero.
What is your favorite winter time activity? I like to throw snowballs at my niece until she cries "mercy" because BIG KIDS RULE.
Best LC Memory: *Trigger Warning* sappy moment ahead....To be honest, LC has felt like a family to me since I started. I met my best friend and confidant the first month I worked here and have made lifelong connections with some amazing people. Whether we are riding 100 miles in Pelotonia, having water balloon fights at the Summit Meetings, or slaying the dance floor at the holiday party...I can look around and see a family at LC.