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Meet LC: Micah

Meet LC: Micah

Meet Micah, LC RiverSouth. Does he go for fruit cake or mincemeat pie?

Micah is the one of the leasing consultants at LC RiverSouth. He’s been with us for just over 2.5 yrs and takes wonderful care of all our Annex residents. Get to know Micah below!

Fun Fact/ Hidden Talent: In high school, I was a theater geek who was heavily involved in show choir (it's kind of like Glee). I was a performer and choreography for Piqua high School The Company. YouTube it... 2010 "All I Have" I'm the super dramatic kid singing the solo.
What is your favorite Netflix binge? I absolutely love Chelsea Handler's series Chelsea. It's hilarious, educational, and so entertaining.
Would you rather - be forced to eat fruit cake or mincemeat pie as your only dessert for the holidays? I'm vegetarian so it looks like I am forced to eat fruit cake. But if I had it my way it would totally be apple pie. 
What is your favorite holiday side dish?  It's a toss up between my mom's baked macaroni and my mother-in-law's potato salad!
What is your favorite holiday movie? I actually don't really like holiday movies that much. but it is a tradition that I watch Black Christmas every year with my partner (it's a Christmas horror movie).
Best LC Memory: My favorite LC memory is when the power went out in half of the community and we brought residents together for a pizza party while we waited it out.