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Meet LC: Onah

Meet LC: Onah

Meet Onah at LC Idlewild: What is her favorite Netflix binge?

Onah is the one of the leasing consultants at LC Idlewild. She takes wonderful care of all our Idlewild residents. Get to know Onah below!

Fun Fact:  I've been married to my husband for a little over 2 years, and have two pups that we absolutely adore.
What is your favorite Netflix binge? I've recently decided to start Gilmore Girls over from the very first episode, so that is my current Netflix binge!
Would you rather - be forced to eat fruit cake or mincemeat pie as your only dessert for the holidays? Definitely fruit cake.
What is your favorite holiday side dish?That's a toss up between homemade dressing, or hasbrown casserole.
What is your favorite holiday movie?Elf. I watch it all year round, and could recite the entire movie.
What is your favorite drink at the Goat? The Southern Mule would have to be my favorite. You can't beat Kentucky bourbons!
Best LC Memory:This is a tough one! I have made such amazing memories in the short time I've been here. My favorite would have to be serving dinner at the Ronald McDonald House. It was such a pleasure to help serve those who were going through such tough times, and to do so with some of my wonderful teammates.