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Meet LC: Meagan

Meet LC: Meagan

Meet Meagan!

Meagan is the Senior New Communities Manager for both LC Providence and LC Henley Station. She is one of three Meagan's (spelling varies) between the two communities. Get to know Meagan below!

  • Q. What is your best LC memory?
A. Too many to pick one favorite! Anything involving co-workers and/or residents getting together for a fun event, happy hour or holiday are some of the best memories. Also the annual company Christmas party is always a good time
  • Q. What is your favorite Halloween candy?
A. Anything chocolate!
  • Q. Cleveland Indians or Chicago Cubs?
A. Indians! We just need to Browns to get on board for a Cleveland trifecta 
  • Q. What is your favorite Netflix series to binge watch?
A. Fuller House
  • Q. Would you rather never use social media sites/apps again or never watch another movie or TV show?
A. Never use social media again