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Meet LC: Nicole

Meet LC: Nicole

Meet Nicole!

Nicole is the Property Manager at LC Preserve Crossing. She's a fearless leader of the Property Management Team there and can always be found attending Resident Night at The Goat. Get to know Nicole below!

  • Q. What is your best LC memory?
A. Hard to pick! One of my favorites was my first day once I arrived on site at Preserve Crossing. The day was stressful, as are first days, and I walked into a highly decorated office. It was so fun, and the team continues on the tradition with fun decor for new team members and special occasions. I have so many good experiences all the time with LC, from day to day at PC, to Resident and LC events and opportunities.  I love my peers, leaders, and residents!  Memories are being made all the time!
  • Q. What is your favorite Halloween candy?
A. Whoppers
  • Q. Cleveland Indians or Chicago Cubs?
A. Not gonna lie ... I'm a soccer girl :)  Go Crew!
  • Q. What is your favorite Netflix series to binge watch?
A. Parenthood or Revenge
  • Q. Would you rather never use social media sites/apps again or never watch another movie or TV show?
A. Social Media / Apps. I heart movies!