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Meet the Trainers - Anthony

Fitness Specialist Anthony Raschilla
Fitness Specialist Anthony Raschilla

Get to know the Fitness Specialists at your local Om Fitness Club.

The key to long-lasting health & wellness is consistency. Sometimes, that can be hard to achieve without a solid foundation based on fundamentals and fitness expertise. That's where Fitness Specialist Anthony Raschilla comes in. Read more below to see what he can do for you:

How long have you been a personal trainer? 4 years. 

What inspired your interest in fitness & wellness? I have always been involved in sports, more specifically baseball, which I played in high school and college. In high school, I learned the importance of fitness athletic performance and everyday life. Then when I went to college, I furthered my passion for fitness by training for and playing baseball, as well as in the classroom. I loved learning how the body is set up, how the body works, and how exercise affects the body.  

What quote or "words to live by" do you use for motivation?  "Live in the moment." The past has already happened, so focus on enjoying what is currently happening. Give it your all and success will come. 

What Om group fitness class is your favorite?  Spinning. 

What can people expect from your personal training sessions?  

Education: It's incredibly important to me that my clients not only learn how to do properly perform movements, but master them so they can continue living a healthy and fit lifestyle on their own.

Strength: Most fitness goals require some sort of strength training. I teach my clients how to properly strength train, which will not only challenge them, but also yield the best results.

Personality: Working out should not be something that is boring or feel like a chore to do. I am a very energetic person during my training sessions and provide a fun and positive environment, while still being committed to providing exceptional workouts that are designed to help my clients get to their goals. I love to laugh and have fun, but nothing is better than seeing my clients improve towards their health and fitness goals. 

Commitment: I'm totally committed to my clients by providing specific workouts designed for them to reach their specific goals. There is no better feeling than seeing my clients achieve something they have wanted to accomplish, either physically, mentally or emotionally, while having fun in the process!

What's the first step for LC Residents who want to get started? How can they contact you? The first step is to reach out to me and set up an initial consultation. Feel free to stop by Om Fitness Club at New Albany or email me at araschilla@lifestylecommunities.com.