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Meet the Trainers - Austin

Fitness Specialist Austin Gaskell
Fitness Specialist Austin Gaskell

Get to know the Fitness Specialists at your local Om Fitness Club.

It's easy to get stuck in a workout rut - a new day, but the same old fitness routine. If that's the case for you, personal training could be the perfect fit. Read below to see how Austin Gaskell, fitness specialist at Om Fitness Club, can revitalize your workouts and help you achieve lasting results. 

How long have you been a personal trainer?  I received my American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Training (ACSM CPT) certification in February 2013, and have been training ever since.

What inspired your interest in fitness & wellness?  After I suffered three knee injuries in high school, all I had left after sports was exercising, so professional bodybuilding became a huge interest of mine. This later led me to pursue personal training and I have never looked back.

What quote or "words to live by" do you use for motivation?  When life keeps getting tough and the workloads continue to increase, I always remind myself, "It never gets easier, you just get stronger."

What Om group fitness class is your favorite? I personally enjoy our Gentle "Restorative" Yoga class coached by Jami Jackson. The meditation and relaxation helps replenish my positive energy, restarts my body, and clears away any stress.

What can people expect from your personal training sessions?  Clients can always expect the service they are paying for. A client's 100% commitment to a better lifestyle gets my 100% commitment to help them in every way to reach their goals and aspire to higher achievements!

What's the first step for LC Residents who want to get started? How can they contact you? All anyone has to do is stop by Om Fitness Club at LC Henley Station and say hello to me! I can also be contacted via email at agaskell@lifestylecommunities.com or phone via text/call at (615) 869-8656.