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Meet the Trainers - Chelsea

Fitness Specialist Chelsea Neeley
Fitness Specialist Chelsea Neeley

Get to know the Fitness Specialists at your local Om Fitness Club.

With the fall season quickly approaching and holidays just around the corner, there's no better time to get started on a scheduled workout regiment. It can be challenging and overwhelming to know where to start and how to stay motivated, but luckily, we have a solution in mind for you. With personal training available at your local Om Fitness Club, you can get on the path to health and wellness without even leaving the neighborhood. At LC Preserve Crossing, that person is Chelsea Neeley, and she's ready and able to help at any time. Read below to find out more:

How long have you been a personal trainer? 4 years

What inspired your interest in fitness & wellness? I was taught the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle growing up. I played soccer in high school and I found more of a passion for fitness when I got into college. I was intrigued by the human body and the effects that exercise had on it, so that's what I started studying. I knew I wanted to pursue a career that I was able to help people, share my passion, and be an inspiration to others, which is what led me to being a personal trainer.
Over time, I've learned the importance of strength training, mobility, and being a well-conditioned athlete. I enjoy teaching my clients the correct technique and guiding them to become stronger, healthier individuals. In my own fitness journey, I still play soccer recreationally and I enjoy focusing my own training on optimizing my physical strength. I competed in powerlifting last year and this year have been focusing on competitions in olympic weightlifting.  

What quote or "words to live by" do you use for motivation?  Fitness is journey, not a one stop shop. Make goals, be consistent, and enjoy every success along the way.

What Om group fitness class is your favorite?  Yoga.

What can people expect from your personal training sessions?  

1. To learn. It's really important to educate my clients on why they're doing something and how to correctly perform movements; Essentially so they are capable of working out and living a fit lifestyle for the rest of their life, not just in the time they are working with me.  

2. To become stronger. All goals are accomplished with at least a little bit of strength training. I teach my clients how to lift and why it's important for every goal. 

3. To do something they weren't able to do before. Whether it's a physical, mental, or emotional barrier, I enjoy helping people accomplish things they wouldn't have achieved before working with me. 

4. To have fun. Working out shouldn't be just another chore, it should be a fun challenge worth looking forward to. Although I'm serious about providing exceptional workouts, I find it imperative to laugh and keep the mood light during training. Fitness is a journey and having a good time while accomplishing goals is most important.

What's the first step for LC Residents who want to get started? How can they contact you? The first step is to contact me and set up an initial consultation. Feel free to stop by Om Fitness Club at LC Preserve Crossing or email me at cneeley@lifestylecommunities.com.