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Meet the Trainers - Kirstin

Fitness Specialist Kirstin Henry
Fitness Specialist Kirstin Henry

Get to know the Fitness Specialists at your local Om Fitness Club.

Louisville residents, we have a treat for you, and her name is Kirstin Henry. A Fitness Specialist at Om Fitness Club, she is on hand to help guide you on the path to health & wellness, and keep you motivated throughout the fall and winter seasons (plus spring and summer, too). Read below to learn more about her:


How long have you been a personal trainer? I have been in the health & wellness industry since 2011. 

What inspired your interest in fitness & wellness? Truthfully, I got into fitness because I felt like I needed to lose a few pounds and didn't know where to start. But as I worked to change my own health, the more I wanted to learn and help others. I received my BS in Exercise Science and Masters of Public Health to improve America's health on both an individual level, as well as the environment and policies that influence those individual behaviors.

What quote or "words to live by" do you use for motivation? "It is not length of life, but depth of life." -Emerson. Although many of the healthy activities we participate in are meant to lengthen our lives, I believe healthy living is all about making the most of the time you're given. If you feel good, you can have more fun! 

What Om group fitness class is your favorite? I'm biased because I teach it, but TRX will always be my favorite. Mostly because anyone can take it and feel like an athlete by pushing themselves at their own level. Outside of that, I've recently come to love Power Yoga. It combines the stretch I need as a runner with challenging strength moves and relaxation. 

What can people expect from your personal training sessions? People can expect to feel safe with me. Many common faults in fitness revolve around going too hard too fast or by ignoring pain, which can cause an injuryand snowball into not exercising at all. I believe in fundamentals, progression, and consistency. 

What's the first step for LC Residents who want to get started? How can they contact you? Residents of LC Idlewild in Louisville can contact me by emailing khenry@lifestylecommunities.com.