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Movement is the Mission

Movement is the Mission

Om Fitness Club has a variety of fitness programs to get you moving.

Exercise can sometimes be looked down upon as this thing that we have to do or we are not “healthy” citizens. You may not be one of the fitness junkies that thrive off of accelerated heart rates and muscle pumps, and that is completely fine. However, movement is a key component to a healthier lifestyle. It helps slow the process of aging and breakdown of biological tissues. It also improves cardiovascular function and decreases the risk for heart diseases, among many other illnesses.

Your exercise regimen can be easily achieved by doing anything that makes you happy while you are moving. Om Fitness Club offers a variety of programs to keep you moving:
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Personal Training
  • Small Group Training & Bootcamps
  • Community Recreational Sport Teams
  • Running Clubs
  • Community Charity Running Events

Get involved with a friend, a family member or even your four-legged buddy. With a strong support system, you will be more inclined to move and stay on a routine. Team up with your community to become involved, invested and interested in your health by discovering how you love to move.

Om Fitness Club is here to help you get started on a journey of movement.

Reach out to your Fitness Specialist for more information on programs and events happening at your community.