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Pelotonia Jersey Design Contest

Pelotonia Jersey Design Contest
Pelotonia Jersey Design Contest

Put your artistic talents on display and enter our jersey design contest.

Fancy yourself the creative type? If so, you’re in the right place. In cycling, the peloton is the main group or pack of riders. They stick together and work as one unit to better the whole. Our LC Peloton operates the same way, so we thought it seemed fitting to extend that same mentality to our team jersey design.

This year, we’re launching a contest to LC Employees & Residents to make our Pelotonia team jerseys the best ones yet. The winning design will be worn by the LC team during the ride, which means you get bragging rights and thousands of eyes on your custom work. Plus, the winner will receive a complimentary T-shirt featuring their very own design. That’s a win win situation.

Ready to get started? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

·         Entrants must use this template
·         All entries must be emailed in color to LCPeloton@lifestylecommunities.com
·         Designs must include the LC logo (The Goat and Om logos are not necessary)
·         Try to refrain from using dark tones as the primary color (see past designs below for inspiration)
·         If incorporating the Pelotonia logo, please make sure the arrow points right
·         Any medium works (pencil, crayon, paint, graphic design software, etc.)
·         Design is subject to change based on our selection
·         Winner will be chosen by majority vote from LC Peloton riders
·         Entries must be received by 5pm EST on Wednesday, April 27

Good luck and thanks in advance for participating!