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Meet Roxy and Sammy

Meet Roxy and Sammy

We got an exclusive interview with two of our favorite furry friends here at LC. Check it out.

Our residents aren’t the only ones living big here at LC Henley Station. We like to make sure our furry friends are also a part of The Good Life. We bumped into one of our favorite residents, Suzanne, the other day and got an exclusive interview with her dogs, Sammy and Roxy!


We first met Sammy and Roxy when their mom came to tour LC and it was love at first sight! We got the inside scoop on what it's like to live The Good Life here at LC Henley from an animal's perspective. Check it out.


Everyone, meet Roxy and Sammy. Sammy is 7 years old and Roxy is 4 years old. They have lived here for 1 year already. Roxy loves chewing on Toilet Paper Rolls and Sammy falls for any stuffed toy that makes noise. Roxy's favorite season is spring because she likes to eat all the new grass, but Sammy likes fall because of the cold air, and of course, football! They love living at LC Henley Station because there are so many places for them to walk, critters to see and bark at, gum to find and chew, grass to roll in, and of course meeting all the other neighborhood doggies.


Thanks Sammy and Roxy for being such a big part of the community! Enjoy your gift from BFF Treats.


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