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A Day in the Life of a Fitness Specialist

A Day in the Life of a Fitness Specialist

Learn more about the daily routine and training of Stephanie Hohn.

Follow Stephanie as she takes on her day as a Fitness Specialist at LC Paddock in Columbus, Ohio.

5:30am: Wake-UpI let my dog out and go to the kitchen for 16oz of water. I take my vitamins, make a breakfast of 3-4 eggs and a varied carbohydrate, load up my prepared meals, freshen myself up, and I am on my way!

6:00am: WorkoutI workout in the morning, from 6am to 8am. I am currently in pursuit of being an Olympian in Olympic Weightlifting, so my workouts are 5 times a week for 2-3 hours each. After, I usually eat breakfast again


10:00am: Work in the OmI make sure I spend time connecting with residents while I’m not personal training at the Om.  I also work with my fitness specialist team to create fun events, teams, and activities for people to belong to.  Every day I talk to Cody Curtis in Leasing to keep him updated on happenings, he’s a great spokesperson for the Om.

11:00am: MealI have 5-6 meals a day in 2-3 hour intervals. The staple protein is always 2-3 whole eggs, 4-5 egg whites, 5-8oz of chicken, 3-6oz of ground meat , and 1-2 protein shakes. My fat calories mainly come from the meat/oils and my carbohydrates usually come from oatmeal, baked veggies (broccoli, carrots, squash, cauliflower), gluten free bread, and fruit (bananas and berries). I also enjoy a meal from The Goat every week! (Usually a burger and fries).

4:00pm: Personal Training I have had two female clients reach strength goals recently in benching and squatting, all while becoming leaner and more toned for the summer! One started with the bar (45lbs)in squat. Through a lot of patience and corrective coaching as well as working through previous back strength issues, she is now able to squat 90lbs with great depth! She is also the leanest and most fit she has ever been at the age of 38.

7:00pm: Personal
I love to decompress at home with my dog. I enjoy painting, reading, taking an epsom salt bath, drinking tea with meditation, stretching or maybe chatting with a friend on the phone. To end my day, I usually combine a few of those.

9:00pm: Night Routine
My goal is always 8-10 hours of sleep every night. That time will vary depending on when I need to get up in the morning. Sleep is essential to full recovery!