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Summer Team Games

Deadline to register your team is Wednesday May 25th.
Deadline to register your team is Wednesday May 25th.

The team-based cardio & strength competition tests which group is the best.

You don’t have to be an Olympian to compete in the Summer Games. Starting on Saturday, June 4, we’re launching a team-based cardio and strength competition to see which group is the best of them all.

All you need is a four-person coed team ready to battle it out on four Saturdays, including championship week. The competition will begin on Saturday, June 4, and teams will earn points each week leading up to the finals.

Register your team by Wednesday May 25th using the links below; cost is $100/team. To kick things off, we’ll host an Opening Ceremony party on Thursday, May 26 split by East and West side teams (whichever location is closest to you).

LC Paddock
"Opening Ceremony" Party at The Goat - Dublin on 5/26 at 7pm
Contact Stephanie Hohn at shohn@lifestylecommunities.com.

LC New Albany Park
"Opening Ceremony" Party at The Goat - New Albany on 5/26 at 7pm
Contact Anthony Raschilla at araschilla@lifestylecommunities.com

Let the games begin!