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Support Scooter's Surgery

Raise money for Scooter McGavin's surgery
Raise money for Scooter McGavin's surgery

Find out how you can help support a local dog in need!

Remember Scooter McGavin? This sweet pup was the star of the show at LC's Monthly Market in May. Born with a serious condition called luxating patella, Scooter needs surgery to correct the problem that inhibits his knees and elbows from working properly, and now, he's one step closer to getting it.

Last month, LC teamed up with Tito's Vodka to host a benefit for Scooter, in which 75% of all proceeds were donated to his cause. Thanks to the generosity of Tito's, The Goat in Dublin and New Albany, and residents and patrons alike, over $1200 was raised for Scooter.

He's now only a few hundred dollars away from the goal, and there's still time to help. Please click here to support his cause and help Scooter live the normal, healthy life he deserves. 

Thanks in advance for your kindness and generosity!