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The Power of the Mind

The Power of the Mind

Train your mind just like you train your muscles at the gym.

 The Power of the Mind
Have you ever had days of complete clarity? How about days where the fog just seems to set in? Most of the time, the stress that we feel is actually what we make up in our own minds. If we take the time to address the root of the problem, we can solve for our mental clarity, rather than just ignore it or cover it up with another activity.

Think of your brain space as your phone memory. We all know that when we have too much going on within our phone. It doesn’t work as well and may freeze, or even worse, have a fast-draining battery. If we treat our minds as if they are a physical asset, we may actually be able to find more mental clarity.

One of the best ways to relieve mental clutter is through free-writing. It is a great way to expel the mind of thoughts that may be building up in your brain space. We may not realize what is bothering us until we see it on paper or someone brings up the topic. If we let our hand write whatever we are thinking, we may be able to solve problems faster.

Take a test run at free-writing. Set a time of 5 minutes to write freely, or if you want less structure, just write until you become tired. The goal of the exercise is to just let the mind take over while you write. Some of the thoughts you write down will not make sense in a paragraph, but that does not matter. The goal is just to write. Afterward, take a moment to recover and read what you wrote out loud. This is where the exercise gets fun. You may even learn a thing or two about yourself.

Attending to the mind is one of the most important keys in leading a balanced life. No matter what goals you have in the gym, they all begin with the mindset that we have set forth for ourselves. Relax, relieve your brain, and keep yourself positive!

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