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Building Communities, for Our Community

Put simply, we envision communities as a catalyst for connection. Lifestyle Communities partnered with Habitat for Humanity because they make our communities better and help advance our purpose. Through this partnership, we’re actively strengthening our communities and extending our reach beyond our immediate cities and neighborhoods.

The lack of affordable housing is a critical issue across the nation, and is extremely prominent in many major cities. “Affordable housing” is defined as housing that costs no more than 30% of one’s income. For some, $5,000/month is an affordable mortgage payment; for others, it could be $500/month. And unfortunately, there are very few places in the country where someone earning minimum wage can afford rent without assistance. Rising home costs compounded by the lack of inventory of homes, are the issues affecting communities across the board. 

Affordable housing is important to a thriving community. Evidence states that by improving access to affordable housing (and creating ENOUGH affordable housing), that the infant mortality and child poverty rates decrease, and that lives, in general, are improved and extended, throughout the community. 

Lifestyle Communities is committed to being part of the solution by investing in initiatives that make housing affordable for all and by helping build homes in our community so that individuals and families can have stability, security, and the opportunity to truly thrive long-term. Our partnership with Habitat for Humanity began in 2022. Over the past year, our team members have dedicated over 1,000 volunteer hours to helping deserving families in Columbus and Nashville achieve their dream of homeownership.

As an example of the impact we’ve made, LC was able to help a couple named Omar and Fahima who are proud parents of four children ages 8, 4, 3, and 3. Omar works at a technology recycling company to provide for the family, but it is difficult to find an affordable house big enough for their large family. Omar and Fahima hoped to build a good future for their children, to provide them comfort and safety, and to study in the best schools. LC helped this family achieve their dreams through volunteering to help build their new home in Columbus, Ohio.

Making a Difference Together

At Lifestyle Communities, when we say we inspire a sense of belonging among all, we mean all. By supporting the cause of homelessness and housing, together we enact our purpose —Build a Connection™— for those that truly need it. Stable, affordable housing is the backbone of strong communities, which is why our partnership with Habitat for Humanity® is so meaningful. Through our combined efforts, we bring team members together to build homes, communities, and hope.

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