South Carolina

Why Charleston?

Founded in 1670 as South Carolina’s port city, Charleston is widely known for its cobblestone streets, pastel antebellum houses, and historic sites scattered throughout the city. Voted as America’s Favorite Destination, Charleston is welcoming to both visitors and residents alike through its distinctive southern charm and hospitality. As both the oldest and largest city in South Carolina, Charleston is home to many notable destinations, including The Batter promenade and Waterfront Park, both overlooking Charleston Harbor, as well as Fort Sumter, the Historic Charleston City Market, and King Street, one of the most visited shopping, dining and entertainment areas in the city. With one apartment community located in the desirable Peninsula neighborhood, LC Meeting Street will give residents the opportunity to explore the city and all of its unique charm.

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    Delight in our luxury apartment or townhome living amongst Charleston’s cobblestone streets, remarkable pastels homes, and historic sites – all within walking distance.

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