3 Adventurous Activities in Louisville

Fitness & Wellness 02/12/2018
3 Adventurous Activities in Louisville

We all know that Louisville, Kentucky brings a lot to the table. With acres of parkland, notable national attractions and miles of waterfront scenery, it provides an idyllic destination for people of all ages. Sometimes, though, you want to kick things up a notch. Why simply sit on a park bench when you can ride your bike through a skate park? Why throw darts when you can throw axes? Why stand by the water when you can fly through a cave?

If you feel compelled to get out and get active in an entirely different way, this list can get you started. Make sure you bring your camera along - you’ll want to capture these moments so you can brag to your friends later.

David Armstrong Extreme Park

531 Franklin Street

Louisville, Kentucky 40202

Completed in 2002, the David Armstrong Extreme Park in Downtown Louisville features 40,000 square feet of outdoor concrete skating surface and a wooden vert ramp. It’s also open 24 hours a day, so you can drop in anytime you please. Whether you prefer skateboarding, in-line skating or biking, the skatepark has something for you, regardless of age or skill level. Depending on your skills, you can opt in to the 24-foot full-pipe, but we recommend leaving that one to the pros.

Mega Zips - Louisville Mega Cavern

1841 Taylor Avenue

Louisville, Kentucky 40213

It’s easy to see how the Mega Cavern winds up on so many must-see lists, and they really upped the ante with the zip line course. Their trained tour guides will take you on an adventure into never-before-seen sections of the man-made cavern, including six underground zip lines, dual-racing zip line, and two challenge bridges. Plus, it’s the world’s only fully underground zip line course, so you’ll be crossing something big off the bucket list when you visit.

Flying Axes

146 N. Clay Street

Louisville, Kentucky 40202

Rounding out the list is the instant cool points activity, axe throwing. Yes, you read that right. You don’t have to live on the Alaskan frontier to wield an axe and throw it with all of your might at a target. But, if you do, we’re betting you’d be a natural at Flying Axes in Downtown Louisville. For just $20/hour, the staff will arm you with your very own axe and a wooden target at which to throw it. Face off against your friends and see who has the best aim - just remember to wear your closed-toe shoes.

Now that you feel all amped up and ready to go, get out there and experience something new. As always, share your favorite unique Louisville experiences with us @lifestylecommunities on Facebook or Instagram. We’re always down to try something adventurous.

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