6 Unexpected Shops in Nashville

Things To Do 10/07/2019
6 Unexpected Shops in Nashville

Today, we’re leaving behind the hustle and bustle (and endless bachelorette parties) of Broadway and experiencing some of the more unique spots in Nashville. We’re talking morbid oddities, gorgeous walk-in cigar humidors, and much more. Come along as we explore six unexpected Nashville shops.

Hail - Dark Aesthetics

2410 Gallatin Avenue

Nashville, TN

Quite possibly the most unique shop we stepped foot into in Nashville was: Hail - Dark Aesthetics. From embalming fluids and morbid oddities to walls and walls of taxidermy, you could spend hours searching through all the wild products this resale shop has to offer.

Old Made Good

3701B Gallatin Pike

Nashville, TN

True to their name, Old Made Good specializes in refurbishing and repurposing vintage items such as furniture and artwork along with handmade and locally sourced clothing and accessories. We got quite a laugh out of their reinvented artwork--especially the old portraits with batman masks painted overtop of them.

Cool Stuff Weird Things

4900 Charlotte Pike

Nashville, TN

Located within The Nations, Cool Stuff Weird Things offers just what their name would suggest--a bunch of eclectic items. The shop has vintage furniture, clothing, and records, but the real showstopper are the custom, handmade metal signs that cover the walls.

Two Old Hippies

401 12th Avenue S

Nashville, TN

Located within The Gulch, Two Old Hippies is a retro-inspired men’s and women’s clothing shop. But, they didn’t stop there. There’s also a full guitar shop, a refurbished VW bus, and live music four days a week. Stop inside to experience a vibe centered around peace, love and music.

Bits and Pieces

402 Madison Street

Nashville, TN

Look for the turquoise warehouse with the garage door ajar and you’ll know that you’ve reached Bit & Pieces Antique Boutique. Head inside for an eclectic treasure trove of antiques, clothing, artisan pieces and gifts. With two full floors of unique products, it’s impossible to leave empty-handed.

Smokers Abbey

604 Gallatin Avenue #102

Nashville, TN

Looking for a place to enjoy a cigar with friends? Smokers Abbey is the place for you. Head into their humidor to choose from their large selection of hand rolled cigars. After you’ve made your pick, you can hang out and smoke in their cigar lounge.

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