From Summer to Fall: Updating Your Space for the Season

Things To Do 09/20/2018
From Summer to Fall: Updating Your Space for the Season

It’s hard to believe it, but the fall season is officially upon us. Those long, warm summer nights are soon to be replaced with crisp, cool mornings, and we’re ready to embrace the season and spend more time gathering with friends and family. By now, you’ve probably seen hints of fall popping up at stores near you - pumpkins and mums for sale, Halloween decorations filling the aisles, and all of the burnt orange, dark red and mustard yellow colors we’ve come to associate with this time of year.

If, like us, you’re ready to embrace the change and revamp your living space to usher the fall season indoors, we’ve got a list of design and decor inspiration to help get you started. Our resident interior design experts, Angel and Amanda, sat down with us to give some insider information on little changes you can make that leave a big impact. Whether you try a few or try them all, we bet your home will feel even more fall-inspired than you thought possible.

What’s the first thing you do to transition into fall?

Amanda: I always focus on my front porch and entryway first. It’s easy to make quick updates that fit in with the season, and I like making a change to an area that’s visible to a lot of people. I think it makes my home seem more inviting, especially as the first impression to my friends and family.

So, what are some typical things you like to include?

Amanda: Well, I change out the basics first. I exchange my summer door wreath for a fall version, remove my hanging plants in lieu of fresh potted mums, and add some pumpkins or hay bales for added dimension and design.

Angel: I do the same as Amanda. I also like to switch out my entryway mat for something more fitting for the season. Anything with fall colors or cute and clever sayings is good. It’s a really small change that doesn’t cost a lot (or take up a lot of space).

Once you get past the entryway - what’s next?

Angel: With good design, it’s not just a visual thing. We try to hit on a few different senses - so, we think of touch, smell and sight. For touch, you might change out throw blankets from light linen in the summer to thicker, heavier fall fabrics like flannel or wool.

Amanda: And I always like to swap my throw pillows. You don’t necessarily need to buy all new ones, either. If you start with a basic pillow, you can find seasonal pillow covers that zip or button over it and make it even easier to update them by season. In the fall, I look for plaid prints or more fall-like colors. Like Angel said earlier, you can bring some fun sayings into the space with your throw pillows, too.

Angel: You also don’t have to stop in your living room. Growing up, my mom would exchange our summer bedding for flannel sheets and pillow covers, so that’s a quick way to make an update for the colder months. Or you can pick up some inexpensive kitchen dish towels or fabric napkins for your dining space and incorporate different fall styles there, too.

Ok, we have touch covered. What about sight?

Amanda: Well, going back to the front porch area, I also like to buy mums for my interior living space and swap them out with my summer flowers. Sunflowers are good for that, too. You can also change out your decorative filler. If you have coffee table accessories or a dining table centerpiece, you can change it from greenery or flowers to pinecones, acorns, faux leaves, birch logs, or even gourds to bring that fall look indoors.

Angel: We have a tradition of going to fall festivals and fruit farms in the fall, so I use those trips to source materials and inspiration for my home. If you go to Lynd Fruit Farm, you can find your own pumpkins for your front porch or go apple picking and add them to a nice fruit bowl as your centerpiece. I’m not sure about other fruit farms in the area, but I know Lynd’s carries hay bales, which you can easily use in your design updates.

Amanda: The Worthington Farmers Market is good for that, too. A lot of local designers and craft sellers bring great options out this time of year, so you can find locally-made home decor or even fresh flowers that can make a big impact in your home.

And for smell?

Angel: Obviously, candles are a quick and easy way to switch from summer to fall. It’s hard to even go to the grocery store without finding lots of options for home scents. I prefer spiced pumpkin or apple cinnamon this time of year, but you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference new candles can make on the feel of your space. You can even incorporate those scents with an update to your bar cart. So, instead of offering lighter beverages with fresh lemon or lime, you can try cinnamon sticks, cider, nutmeg and caramel.

Amanda: If you have a back patio or porch area, you can also try adding a firepit for the colder months. A lot of different stores carry them now, and you can be outside roasting marshmallows as soon as this weekend. Put some apple cider in a mug while you sit around the fire and you’re good to go.

Anything else you’d recommend?

Angel: Just remember that a little goes a long way. You don’t have to make drastic changes or spend a lot of money. Simple updates to your coffee table, kitchen linens, couch throw pillows - it all makes a big impact together. And do yourself a favor and get a solid plastic storage bin to keep everything neat and organized. That way, when the seasons change, you’ll be ready for a design refresh.

Amanda: Don’t forget your walls, either. You can swap artwork or wall decor pretty inexpensively and make your space even more warm and welcoming.

If you try any of these tips in your living space (or have other inspiration for us to check out), share your pics with us by tagging @lifestylecommunities on Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to check them out. Happy decorating!

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