Our Place: Come Inside Amanda’s Modern Glam Nashville Apartment Home

Our Place 08/26/2019
Our Place: Come Inside Amanda’s Modern Glam Nashville Apartment Home

Meet Amanda: a recent graduate of the University of Alabama, a Charlotte transplant, and a lover of everything Restoration Hardware. After stepping inside her meticulously decorated home, we could hardly believe that Amanda had only lived in this space for a little over a year. Every corner seemed to have been decorated with care. We sat down with Amanda to find out where her design inspiration stems from and much more.

How would you describe your style?

If I had to describe it, I would call it modern glam. My goal one day is to have my house look like a Restoration Hardware showroom; they really capture the style I’m going for. For now, though, I use them as my inspiration and try to replicate items on a cheaper budget. I actually found the mirror above my couch from Goodwill, but it totally looks like it should have came from Restoration Hardware.

What is your favorite element in your home?

So, I’m actually surprised that my favorite part about the whole apartment is the kitchen. I initially went into apartment hunting with my mind set on white granite countertops and white cabinets. Once I saw the vaulted ceilings, bar lighting, and deep farmhouse sink, I knew I had to have this unit, regardless of the kitchen finishes. Now, after a year in this apartment, the contrast of the granite countertops with the dark wood cabinets has actually become one of my favorite elements.

What’s your favorite part about living at LC Mount Juliet?

I love having The Goat within the community. I’m quite possibly one of The Goat’s most frequent visitors. Every Thursday night, I go with friends after work for Happy Hour; it's become a tradition of ours. The blueberry mule is definitely my go-to drink, but sometimes I’ll switch it up and order the house cabernet. For food, I love the buffalo cauliflower, pizza rolls, and wings. Clearly, I’m not much of a salad girl, but the spinach salad has convinced me to add in some greens every once in awhile. 

I’m also a big fan of the pool. The lounge chairs within the shallow end are the perfect way to relax on the weekends. One of my good friends lives at LC Germantown, so we’ll rotate which pool we go to because they’re both so good.

What do you like best about the neighborhood?

I was really drawn to the Mount Juliet area in particular because it reminded me of home. Right after graduating from the University of Alabama, I packed up my things and moved to Nashville.  The white picket fences and charming atmosphere reminded me of home, so I instantly felt comfortable and at ease with my move.

Where do you spend a typical Saturday in Nashville?

I usually head into the city on the weekends. With the weather being so nice recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time checking out all of the rooftop bars; L27 and LA Jackson are two of my favorites!

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