Our Place: Come Inside Anna’s Feminine Nashville Apartment Home

Our Place 02/03/2020
Our Place: Come Inside Anna’s Feminine Nashville Apartment Home

Meet Anna. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Anna moved to Nashville, Tennessee a few years ago to pursue a career in cosmetology. After completing her training at the Aveda Institute, she decided she couldn’t part ways with Music City just yet. Now an apprentice at Parlour 3, she’s gone from moving across state lines, without knowing a soul in Nashville, to finding a new group of friends, creating a successful career, and designing a space at LC Germantown to call home. We sat down with Anna and discussed her design inspiration, neighborhood favorites, and everything in between.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as a mix between bohemian and glam. I like the jewel tones and patterns that are often associated with boho style but, I also like to incorporate aspects of glam through metallics and feminine elements.

What is your favorite element in your home?

I was initially drawn to this floorplan because I loved all the windows and the ability to get a lot of natural light during the daytime. Another big seller for me was storage space. I knew I needed a large closet in the bedroom--I have quite the collection of clothes and shoes. Finding the additional storage closet in the entryway was definitely an added bonus too! I also like that despite this being one of the smaller floorplans, it feels much larger than it is. The high ceilings and open layout definitely make it feel much larger than 635 square feet.

What is your favorite thing about living at LC Germantown?

You probably hear this a lot...but, my favorite part about LC Germantown is having The Goat just outside my front door. I don’t keep much food inside my apartment; in fact, I really only have a jar of peanut butter and one pack of instant oatmeal right now. So, I tend to eat most of my meals out. Being able to stop in for a sit-down meal with friends or grab something quick to-go is definitely a perk for someone like me who doesn’t love to cook. The Hot Chicken Dip paired with a glass of cold riesling is my go-to order.

Also, I love to workout so I was excited that the gym here is nothing like a typical apartment gym. All the equipment is brand new and there’s plenty of space.

What do you like best about the neighborhood?

Germantown is such an up-and-coming neighborhood that there are always new restaurants and shops popping up, which means there’s always something to do. Better yet, the neighborhood is super walkable so I can get to a lot of my favorite spots by foot. Two of my most-loved spots in the Germantown neighborhood are: Germantown Cafe and Neighbors. Germantown Cafe has great food and I have a slight obsession with how delicious their dinner rolls are. Neighbors is the local sports bar and it’s a great place to meet up with friends at night and grab a drink.

Where do you spend a typical Saturday in Nashville?

Most Saturdays, my friends and I actually meet here and then head out for the night; sometimes we’ll start with a drink in The Goat, and other times we’ll hang out in my apartment for a short bit. I like to go out in Midtown, which is super convenient because it’s a quick 15 minute Uber ride to get there. Some of my favorite places in the Midtown area are: Kung Fu Saloon, LA Jackson, The Red Door Saloon.

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