Our Place: Come Inside Laura & Josh’s Vibrant Downtown Columbus Home

Our Place 04/12/2019
Our Place: Come Inside Laura & Josh’s Vibrant Downtown Columbus Home

Laura is a Cincinnati transplant residing in Downtown Columbus in LC RiverSouth alongside her husband, Josh, and their two chihuahuas, Winston and Miley. Although these two pups could be the stars of the show, the real show stopper is the beautiful home that Laura and Josh have created together. Laura took us on a tour of her vibrant space and let us in on all her inspiration. 

How would you describe your style? I consider my decor style light & airy. I naturally gravitate toward neutrals but I like to break them up with simple pops of colors, like with the throw pillows. I also think greenery is a great way to liven up a room. I just found a bird of paradise plant at Costco for $20 to add to my collection and was so excited!

What are your favorite elements in your home? I’m obsessed with the large floor-to-ceiling windows lining the wall in our space. I was on a hunt for this type of window when we were visiting different apartments and I knew the second I laid eyes on these windows that this space felt like home. I love that during the day they allow for so much natural light to come through and at night we get a perfect view of the sun setting over the city.

I was also drawn to the kitchen because there is so much cabinet space and it’s functional, too. My husband and I cook every night so it was important to us that the kitchen had plenty of storage and a good layout.

What is your favorite part about living at LC RiverSouth & the RiverSouth District? We love the location and the community. We’re so close to the Scioto Mile that we take walks every night with our dogs, Winston & Miley. Downtown living in general is so much more convenient than my previous home in the suburbs. I especially like being close by so many good restaurants. Katzingers and Forno are definitely my favorites!

Where do you spend a typical Saturday in Columbus? We like to spend Saturdays trying out new local breweries or revisiting some of our tried and true favorites. We love BrewDog and Land-Grant! If we don’t want to go that far, we head downstairs to The Goat. The carnivore pizza and wings are some of my favorite items on the menu.

We see you have a bunch of unique photographs & wall art. Can you tell us about them?  My husband and I love to travel so a lot of what you see are from our trips together. The photos above the couch are from some of our favorite vacations. Although, we’re missing a photo up there from our favorite trip experience which was La Tomatina, aka the world’s largest tomato fight in Spain.

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