Our Place: Come Inside the Home of a LC RiverSouth Resident Designed by Veronica Bradley Interiors

Our Place 02/24/2020
Our Place: Come Inside the Home of a LC RiverSouth Resident Designed by Veronica Bradley Interiors

After catching a glimpse inside Matthew’s LC RiverSouth apartment home on social, we knew that we had to track down the mastermind behind it all: Veronica Bradley Interiors. We sat down with Veronica to discuss everything from where she finds inspiration for her designs to how she worked with Matthew to create this gorgeous space.

How did you get started in the interior design business?

I’ve had a lifelong love of interior design and decoration. It all started as a kid; I remember going with my mom to meet her interior designer and having so much fun. Although I’ve always had a passion for it, I did not begin professionally working in the industry until recent years.  I worked in corporate retail for over 10 years, and during that time enjoyed working on interior projects for myself and friends. With the encouragement and support from my friends and family, I decided to start Veronica Bradley Interiors. Initially I did it part-time on the side, mostly focusing on e-design--I’d provide an online shopping list along with directions on how to execute the design. A few years later, I went on to do it full-time and added on more services.

Can you tell us a little bit about your design style?

My personal style is new traditional.  I like mixing modern furnishings and art with antique rugs and decorative accessories. But, I work with clients with a variety of preferences and appreciate all different styles. Plus, it’s fun to get to design a space different from my own home.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration from all around me, from walking through showrooms and stores to social media and traveling.  The fun part is bringing all of that together into a design for a client.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop for decor?

I utilize a mix of retail stores and to-the-trade only brands. For retail, I like Restoration Hardware, West Elm, and Serena & Lily. For to-the-trade only, I like Gabby, Avenue Home, and Bungalow 5; I like that these brands are customizable and aren’t readily available to the public so they feel like one-of-a-kind items.

Any advice you have for making a space feel like a home?

Incorporating pieces that you have collected over time, like pieces from family or items or books you purchased on a trip.

Can you give us a run-through on how you went about designing Matthew’s space?

We started by talking about style preferences and he sent me inspiration images. Using his initial inspiration, I scoured the web and other sources for additional ideas. From there, I developed a general floor plan and selected key pieces. Then, I created the design concept, floor plan, and source list. Once I had the initial design completed, I reviewed the design with Matt, and allowed him to make any revisions he saw fit. Luckily, he loved the design and there weren’t any revisions that needed to be made. I proceeded to order all the items, managed deliveries, and set up all the furniture. I finished off the space by hanging art and placing accessories.

What’s your favorite element of Matthew’s space?

The eclectic artwork.  He wanted to incorporate 2 pieces he got in Cambodia to add international flair.  I built upon that by adding a framed indigo-dyed textile, a print of a blue door and tiles in Portugal, an African juju hat, and an overview image of the Golden Gate Strait in San Francisco, which is where his dad is from originally.

For more information on Veronica’s offerings, check her out on social, @vbradleyinteriors, or online, www.vbradleyinteriors.com. For a look inside more of our residents’ space, make sure to follow us on social at @lifestylecommunities.

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