Where to find Street Art in Louisville

Things To Do 02/12/2018
Where to find Street Art in Louisville

If you’ve visited Louisville in the last several years, you’ve likely seen the street art that’s turned Louisville’s neighborhoods into walkable galleries. Most are commissioned pieces, designed to tell the story of Louisville’s history or feature iconic Kentuckians like Muhammad Ali and Secretariat. Others are more abstract representations that turn standard brick buildings or concrete facades into stunning displays of artwork.

We visited some of the most notable murals in the city and shared them below. Keep in mind, though, this is just a snapshot of the numerous works of art you can view. Next time you visit Louisville, consider stopping for a photo opp and sharing your photo with the hashtag, “streetart.” We’d love to see it.

Spirit of the Highlands

1529 Bardstown Road (side of Old Town Liquors)

The Highland Commerce Guild commissioned artist Noah Church to complete the mural, painted on the side of Old Town Liquors on Bardstown Road. Church painted the letters of the word “Highlands” with notable markers of the area, including a slice of pie a la mode, hot air balloons, and the Pan statue in Cherokee Park. Additionally, the mural pays homage to three significant Louisvillians - Jim Goodwin, Doc Gibson, and Rosemary Bailey.

Also, on the opposite side of the Old Town Liquor Store are several other paintings by artists Byron Roberts and Gary Bennett. Partially funded by the City of Louisville, these murals were completed in 2002 and pay homage to the 1920s.

Royal Chickens Mural

736 E Market Street

Wilfred E. Sieg III (aka, the Art Cartel) is the mastermind behind the Royals Hot Chicken mural on E Market Street. The stunning quality of the work is even more unbelievable when you consider that Sieg didn’t begin creating murals until 2012. You can find his spray-painted projects all over the city including his first mural on a wall at the MAMMOTH art space in Louisville.

Dragon King’s Daughter Mural

1126 Bardstown Road

One of Louisville’s most active muralists is Chris Chappell whose work can be seen all over the city, including the waterfall in Portland at 15th and Main Streets, on Hilltop Tavern, and the one below at Dragon King’s Daughter. The restaurant is named in honor of the first woman to reach enlightenment, and the mural beautifully captures the essence of the space, combining dragons with a lotus flower.

Kentucky Rushmore Mural

Corner of Bardstown Road and Bonnycastle Ave

The Kentucky Rushmore mural (painted by artist Margaret Morley) depicts Kentucky icons Abraham Lincoln, Muhammad Ali, Colonel Sanders and the famous racehorse, Secretariat.

You can find Morely’s creation on the side of the original WHY Louisville store at the corner of Bardstown Road and Bonnycastle Ave. This mural is definitely one of the most iconic in the city, so add it to your must-see list and make time for a photo.

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