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Community full of fun and positivity

Submitted by Devonte - 29th June 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Great the community has everything you would ever need.

LC Response:
Thank you for the great review Devonte!

Noisy neighbors

Submitted by Brittani - 27th June 2018 | Recommended: No

Loud music played throughout the day and night. Use of bass inside apartment that can be heard through the walls. Cars and loud music at 4am

LC Response:
Thank you for taing the time to complete your review. We would love the opportunity to speak or meet with you on your concerns so that we can better address them. Please feel free to reach out anytime at 614-933-9854 or Thank you!

Great First Apartment

Submitted by Emily - 7th June 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Overall, I have loved my time at LC Preserve Crossing. My 1 bedroom flat was clean and nice at move in. There is always a parking spot right outside and tons of parking for when friends visit. The neighbors are nice and friendly. The maintenance team has been amazing When I received a heavy dresser that I ordered online, the maintenance team delivered it from the main office to my unit, and with permission, carried it up my stairs when I was at work so that it was easy for me to access when I got home. They were also speedy in helping replace my air conditioning unit when it broke last Spring. My main reason for leaving was that I wanted to live closer to downtown, and I did not need a complex with pools, restaurant, and gym. For the cons, I lived a block away from the pools, and in Spring-Fall I can clearly hear the music from the pool until around midnight even when all of my doors and windows are closed. Overall the community looks nice, however there is always crabgrass and mushrooms growing in my lawn and I think it should be mowed more often. In the winter, the snow removal trucks were running constantly, but they didn't scrape up much snow. The snow was just packed down and more slick than if it was just left to melt.

LC Response:
Thank you for taking the time to post your review! We are so glad to hear about your experience with us at LC Gahanna!

I love it

Submitted by Hiliary - 6th June 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Fun and friendly people

LC Response:
Thank you for the great review!

Submitted by Isaiah - 5th June 2018 | Recommended: Yes

LC Response:
Thank you for the great review!

Great Community

Submitted by Ashlee - 31st May 2018 | Recommended: Yes

The property is great with really nice amenities. Parking is always available and the unit looked great when I moved in. The only issue with the property is whenever I have need anything from the office they don't really seem as though they know how to do the most simple of their responsibilities. I think a retraining in attention to detail and task completion would greatly benefit their team.

LC Response:
Hi Ashlee! Thank you for taking the time to post this review. I would love the opportunity to discuss your concerns regarding our staff and the items you're needing help with so that I can better understand. Please feel free to reach out! Nicole Criger District Manager

Trust, reliability, friends. Amazing experience

Submitted by Mario - 23rd May 2018 | Recommended: Yes

I will tell them is a great place, people who know what they are doing We are talking the most important thing in your life in addition to eat. They are reliable, you pay for security and excellent service. They are my family

LC Response:
Thank you for this incredibly kind review Mario! We are so glad that you call LC Gahanna Preserve Crossing home!

Overall clean and nice place to live

Submitted by Katelyn - 22nd May 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Nice community and facilities. Great amenities.

LC Response:
Thank you for the great review Katelyn!

Looks good but built cheap

Submitted by Blaire - 9th May 2018 | Recommended: No

To expensive for what you get.

LC Response:
Hi Blaire! Thank you for taking time to post your review. We would love the opportunity to discuss and concerns that you may have. Please reach out if you would like to speak or meet in person. Thank you! 614-933-9854

Some days good, some bac

Submitted by Kristin - 2nd May 2018 | Recommended: Yes

We love the apartment and the neighborhood. We are on the first floor and our upstairs neighbors like to stomp on the ground and dissturb us mid day, evening, and late night

LC Response:
Thank you for taking the time to post your review. We are so happy to hear that you love living at LC Gahanna! Please let us know if you would like to discuss your concerns further. We would be glad to help. Thank you!


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