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Submitted by Maia - 2nd December 2018 | Recommended: Yes

The layout of the one bed room is great. There’s a good amount of space and the sliding barn door adds a cute design feature to make the space a little more interesting.

Reasonable for price

Submitted by Morgan - 30th November 2018 | Recommended: Yes

n a

Good Experience

Submitted by Christopher - 28th November 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Good experience for younger professionals.

Great place to live and close to every thing

Submitted by Ian - 3rd October 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Its a great community with great staff and it even has its own bar restaurant on premises. Close to any and everything you need. Best apartments in the Hilliard dublin Columbus area.

Too few handicapped spaces near dwellings

Submitted by Robert - 3rd October 2018 | Recommended: Yes

There are not enough parking spaces in the back. There are zero handicap spaces other than near the office. For people with decreased mobility, walking two buildings away for parking is very difficult.


Submitted by Katelyn - 30th September 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Able to here my downstairs neighbor all the time. Her TV base with vibrate my coffee table.

Overall a great place,

Submitted by Gina - 26th September 2018 | Recommended: Yes

The walls between units seem a bit thin. Can hear a lot things, not like so thin you can hear every detail of a conversation but thin enough you know something is going on. Kind of dislike the hours of package pick up. I like that they are secure and not sitting outside, but only being able to get them between 10am and 6pm or 10am and 5pm can often be inconvenient. As much as I like the mail boxes also being inside I miss my old complex with post so I wouldn't have to drive or walk all the way across the complex to get mail and packages. I think there are ways to address smaller inconveniences. Another odd one is there are few dog refuse disposal spots that are always over flowing because there are a lot of dogs, woo hoo, but not enough spots in prime dog walking locations. I know they are not pretty but a few more here and there would be nice. Also, many complexes have now added in dog parks that are fenced in, that would be a very welcomed addition. I am also wondering about the whole store your grill inside. If its propane wouldn't this be a fire hazard Just something that I thinking about.

I love it.

Submitted by Casey - 7th September 2018 | Recommended: Yes

It's very accommodating to dogs. It's big for an apartment. The pool and the goat are so nice. Having a garage in a townhouse is amazing.

Great community and home

Submitted by Brooke - 1st September 2018 | Recommended: Yes

I have loved living here for the past 2 years. The staff is friendly and fixes problems in a timely manner. The townhomes are the perfect size and look nice and new. The pool and the Goat are so convenient. The only problem I have had is with moving out. 2 years ago when I signed the lease, we were told in the event that we would move out, we needed to let them know 60 days ahead of time. I didn't remember this exactly, and they reminded us of it 6 days too late. So now we have to pay more because we didn't let them know within 60 days and let them know within 54 days. Would have been nice to have been reminded sooner of this information. Other than that, I have no complaints 100 would recommend living here.

Needs Work

Submitted by Jason - 10th August 2018 | Recommended: Yes

I love living here and just signed a second lease but the appearance of the grounds has really gone down since we moved in back in 2017. The ponds aren't taken care of like our last apartment. They had rocks around the ponds and benches. They also stocked the ponds with fish so we could go fishing. I wish the workout rooms where a little bigger. It would be great if you would knock down the wall between the spin room and the yoga room, maybe even take the bars out of the yoga room.


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