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Fantastic place to live

Submitted by Alexander - 21st August 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I like everything about living at LC Brooklands. Fun environment, nice friendly helpful staff, and always something to do.

LC Response:
Hi Alexander. thanks for the great 5 star review! We are so glad you enjoy the community all our awesome events, hope to see you at the next one! - Audrey & Brooklands team

Good value close to everything

Submitted by Dawn - 17th August 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Living at LC Brooklands is much more private and quiet than I ever though apartment living could be. Despite the close living quarters, everyone lives as private or social as they choose to be. I have met some really amazing neighbors and love that we can go hang out at the pool or in the back by our garages, but that I don't feel like everyone is on top of us and I have no privacy. Even the balcony feels somewhat private despite being able to see so much. It is a great amount of space and a wonderful transition apartment between houses and is an affordable option in Hilliard with so much so close. Because everyone is a working professional, there are not a lot of parties or craziness that goes on at a lot of apartment complexes and I feel it is a very safe place for my daughter and I to live.

LC Response:
Hi Dawn, We are happy to hear that our community has been a great choice since your transition from owning a home! We are glad that you've been able to take advantage of our amenities onsite and been able to meet others in the community. Thanks again for the great review!

Fun and friendly community

Submitted by Mark - 17th August 2017 | Recommended: Yes

It's nice to finally find a place with friendly neighbors The community events at the Goat are a great opportunity to meet your neighbors, and the young and fun community is really welcoming

LC Response:
Hi Mark! Thank you for posting us a great review. We are glad that LC Brooklands feels like home. Thanks again!

Great place to live

Submitted by Sara - 14th August 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Overall is a great place to live that is affordable and pet friendly. The staff is great and always helps us in a timely manner

LC Response:
Hi Sara! Thank you for your 5 star review! We are pleased you have had a great experience with our team and so happy that you have enjoyed living with us at LC Brooklands. Thanks again!

Excellent mainenance

Submitted by Deanna - 5th August 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Our air conditioning went out this week and the maintenance man was there within a couple of hours. Not only did he fix the problem right away, he was very friendly and professional. I wish I would have asked for his name. Our community is lucky to have him Please note, you are free to use my review, but please do not post my name

LC Response:
Hi, Thank you for posting about the great experience you had with our Maintenance Technician, Cameron. We are so glad he was able to resolve the problem with your air conditioner so quickly. Thanks again!

45 day review

Submitted by Jim - 31st July 2017 | Recommended: No

DO NOT get a townhouse or apartment close to The Goat or the sand volleyball pits. Lots of noise and a lot of idiots that just have to use the car beeper to lock the doors. In case people are unaware, you can remind them in a community post to use the lock that is on the door instead of using the fob. Of course a lot of people are probably not residents. The staff is truly amazing

LC Response:
Hi Jim. We greatly appreciate you posting a review! We will be sure to relay your feedback to The Goat in order to help with the noise. We think you're amazing too! Stop by and visit soon! Jackie Weirich, Property Manager

Love living here

Submitted by Lori - 10th July 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Staff is great - apartments are grounds are beautiful A great place to live.

LC Response:
Hi Lori! We are so glad you're having a great experience living with us at LC Brooklands. Thank you for the great review!

Won't hesitate to renew my lease given the right circumstances

Submitted by Thomas - 8th July 2017 | Recommended: Yes

My experience has been great since first moving into LC Brooklands. I had one minor issue during my first 2 months, but the manager was very quick to resolve my problem. Since then, the office staff has been very accommodating. I was worried that my utility bill would be through the roof because I saw so many complaints on various websites, but I just don't think people realize electricity is 3x's the cost during peak hours... or it is where I used to live. I make sure to turn everything to a reasonable level during those times, and have found my electric bill is well below what I expect it to be. Actually, I believe it was less than 70 in January when peak times do not exist due to me using a space heater for my one bedroom. But anyways, the gym is great for what it offers, and my apartment provides me with all that I need. I have heard that some people can hear their neighbors very well, but mine are very respectful and quiet... If I do hear noise, it's normally on a Fri or Sat night, and not for long. I highly recommend the community to anyone looking for a nice and fun place to live.

LC Response:
Hi Thomas! Thank you so much for all the great feedback. We are pleased you have enjoyed your experience here at LC Brooklands thus far- and your comment about the electricity will definitely help many others that have had the same concerns. Thank you again!

Great place to live

Submitted by Eric - 6th July 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Great place to live

LC Response:
Thank you for the great review Eric! We are happy to hear you have enjoyed living with us at LC Brooklands!

Quiet, Clean Great Amenities

Submitted by Erin - 28th June 2017 | Recommended: Yes

As new residents to Ohio having just moved here in November of 2016, this was a great first place to start our new journey. The pool area, fitness room, mail room and office is always clean and well-kept. The office staff is always friendly and knows us by name now, which makes us feel more at home. I gave the grounds, construction and maintenance fours stars because the grass is really yellow in many areas of the complex, and I don't believe there are enough doggie bag locations for the amount of dogs that are in the community. We also had some minor maintenance issues in the past that went several days without acknowledgment, but I do like the communication process when we put in a work order. I also think the buildings are set up a little strangely, so it's hard to find your way around the community and for others who are visiting or a cab driver to find your place. Other than that, we have no complaints and look forward to spending all four seasons here

LC Response:
Hi Erin, We are so happy that we helped make your move to Ohio great! Thank you for your feedback regarding the grounds. We will share this with our groundskeeper so he can focus on these areas. We look forward to getting to know you better throughout the next year and thank you for the great review!


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